Something Doodley This Way Comes

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello friends,

As I am preparing to launch Two Penny Blue Mom I am finalizing some of my ideas for the blog and this is one of them.    I have decided to list some of my mommy goals in my first entry and then my weekly blogging schedule will be fun tidbits on achieving those goals.  This is part of one of those goals.

Goal No. 4 is improving my graphic and illustration skills.  So, almost daily I am going to make a doodle and incorporate it into a design-it can only take me 20 minutes from drawing, scanning, and posting.  I think this will help me be more creative because I am not making it for anyone but myself.  I also have to do it quickly and so it will make me just go after the first thought in my head.  This was inspired by a lovley poster I am making for my sweet cousin, Tiff.

This was my inspiration for the challenge, doodleaday…these are fantastic.

I hope you had a lovely memorial day!



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