You’ve Got Mail–McGilly Mail

June 5, 2011 § Leave a comment



Dear Sweet McGilly,

Every Sunday I am going to sit down and write to you, my dear, about our adventures and the joy you bring into our life.   Your favorite song right now is, “Way up high in the apple tree” that auntie Melissa and Cousin Tiffie taught us, it goes, “Way up high in the apple tree, lots of apples smiling at me, So I shook that tree as hard and I could, and down came the apples, mmmmm were they good!”  You laugh every time we pretend to shake the tree and you always point with me up to the apples.  Your favorite toy this last week has been mom and dad’s hair brushes, you even take one with you when we leave the house.  After the hundredth time of you poking us with the bristely edges we went and bought you your own.  We must have looked silly in the store taking the brushes and feeling them on our cheeks to make sure they would do the least amount of damage.  Your favorite food this week is cucumbers and melon, you just keep eating and eating them and as always your favorite activity is to plop down in your fort, prop against the pillow and flip through your basket of board books.  You started this habit about 6 months ago and you have never tired of it.  When I read them to you I have to speed read because you like to flip the pages so fast.   You have learned to play the kazoo and you love to walk around the house holding it to your mouth like your leading a parade and just hum and hum and hum.

I hope that in your life I can bring you as much joy as you have given me already in your little life.  At home you smile and pull faces all the time it makes being frustrated or discontented quite difficult.  Dad and I can be in a heated discussion and you just come up and hug one of our legs or start jabbering away and we look at you and smile, everything seems unimportant.  You make the two of us strive to be kinder people, happier people, work harder, and just live to be the parents we know we want to be for you.  Simply put, you have made our lives better in every way.  By just being you, you have brought people together, softened hearts, inspired others to aspire to be greater, and spread joy across our family.  How’s that for 14 months of life?

You have such a caring spirit, if you sense anyone is hurt or sad, you go to them and give kisses and sometimes you cry right along with them.  You love your papa.  You miss him when he’s gone to work and run to the door when you hear a car door shut, he is one of the only people you will stop and just cuddle even when your not tired. You love music and when a strong beat like Bob Marley’s, Three Little Birds comes on you will dance, even if your in your car seat you be bop as much as those straps will let you.  But, the best thing I love about you is your sweet disposition, you love to smile…and your cute little chubby cheeks make anyone within sight have a happier day.

I want you to know I will always be here for you, always love you and accept you no matter what.  You were a miracle sweetie, right from your birth, remember that, and remember to always hold fast to that sweet and cheerful disposition you possess it will serve you well in all that lies ahead.

Love you, love you,





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