Introducing Wonder Hour + free printable

June 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

Dear friends,

It’s Momma Monday and I am going to introduce you to the awesomeness of wonder hour.  Here were my inspirations, No. 1 Dee Dee is having terrific Tuesday’s on her blog and they are all about the kids.  Fun ideas each Tuesday to showcase creative and fun ways to spend time with your little ones.  As you know from reading my mini manifesto, one of my goals is more time down on Mcgilly’s level-eye to eye, enjoying the joy of play.  Enters inspiration No. 2,  I have so many ideas I have gathered over the years in teaching and I want to organize them into an accessible format so I can always have those ideas at my fingertips to share with McGilly.  Swirl that around and out came Wonder hours.  This is a manageable way to slip in playtime with your kids without it becoming overwhelming, a way to have awesome ideas at your fingertips to pull out when the muse strikes.  I am going to share them in the form of recipes, activities with minimal cost, ingredients mostly found around the house, and guaranteed to create wonder and awe.

All you have to do is check back each Monday for new cards you can print and organize into one of those plastic 4X6 recipe cards.  As this is an introduction post I have attached a sticker for the front of your recipe organizer and the first recipe card.  This card is just a teaser because this week is paint week at the winterroses and I am going to have 5 new recipe cards next Monday about painting: mud painting, puff painting, sparkle painting, watercolor fun, finger painting fun and tootsie painting.  So, find a box, print your label, and meet me back here next Monday for all the How to and, I am guessing, some totally cutie pictures of art in action.

{Wonder  Hour Box Label} free printable

{Shaving cream painting} our first wonder card

Have a “wonderful” Monday!!



§ 2 Responses to Introducing Wonder Hour + free printable

  • Heather says:

    I did this with Cole last week. It was the BEST activity I could’ve possibly done! He LOVED it! I made the mistake though of using blue shaving cream (I didn’t realize till I was already squirting it out!) It worked okay though. I added color and it was fine. Great post!

    • Heather,
      Thanks for the comment…I found the measuring tape pattern to make that growth chart you love as a DIY. I went to go and send it to you today and Voila! I saw that you already have it and it is so cute!

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