Weigh In Wednesday No. 1

June 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

Hello Friends,

Today is the beginning of something fun, I hope.  It was a little intimidating to write this post because I am about to get personal but, I want this to be a record of truth and this is the truth.  One of my goals from my Mini Manifesto is to continue on my quest for health and taking care of myself.  With that in mind let me share a little background.

As I was organizing over the last few weeks I came across a weight loss journal that had my weight and body measured in inches.  At my highest weight back in 2002, I weighed 263 lbs. and had a BMI {Body Mass Index} of 40.  I was morbidly obese.  I was in a sad and stressed place and so I ate, add to this an onset of a new health problem called PCOS, and I snowballed.  I remember not wanting to leave my house, having a terrible self image, and not being able to separate my outward image from the kind and beautiful spirit that was inside me.  I felt defeated and ashamed that I could let myself get to that point.   That summer I promised myself I would change, I would be kinder to myself and get myself healthy.  My sister Amber came down to Cedar City, Utah {where I was living for college} and she was going to get healthy alongside me, and as always be my cheerleader.  I luckily also had my husband, boyfriend at the time, who had been with me as I gained the weight over the span of a year.  He stood by me and supported me too. I started to exercise with Power 90,walking and learning about food.

By our wedding in 2005 I had lost 85 lbs.  This is where I have maintained since then with the exception of some pregnancy excess {which I have now lost all but 5} I am ready for some new goals and to again dedicate to improving my health and fitness.  I am going to record my progress here each week.  If you would like to come along for the ride, join the fun…I could use the company, since this Wednesday post is making me feel a little stage fright.  Each week I will list the progress, challenges and healthful hints that might be able to help a passerby in their own quest for healthy living.  I am still learning so feel free to comment and share what works for you, I would love it!

Here’s what I have learned in the last 85lbs:

  • Be nice to yourself.  You are beautiful as you are, each and every curve.  Do this for your health and the strength you will gain not solely for the cute jeans you want to fit into next month.
  • See the positive even on a mess up day-focusing on the mistakes, without fail, leads to more calories.  Rededicate each night and begin again.
  • I know we have all heard it before but pinpoint the occasions and times you tend to overeat and make a game plan. Find foods that will satisfy without breaking the calorie bank {I will share mine below}.
  • Integrate the exercise any way you can, find fun ways to make it a part of your life.  It makes you feel better even if it is just a walk around the block.  For exercise I loved Power 90, it is one of the main reasons I lost the weight that I did.
  • Keep your food choices, natural.  Processed foods have all kinds of bad carbs, and yucky fats hidden in them.
  • I had to have a list of healthy sweets to turn to to fill my sweet tooth-I love treats.
  • Do not follow fad diets–I repeat DO NOT follow fad diets, they do not work long term unless they teach you to simply eat right and exercise.
  • Water, water, water…multivitamin, multivitamin, multivitamin.
  • For me I learned that carbs before noon helped my overall sweet craving and beginning the day with a healthy helping of protien.
  • Overall I found that as I focused on treating my body better, giving it the fuel it needed and the movement is craved I felt so much better-this ultimately became my goal, helping my body to be able to perform at it’s best.  I wanted to take care of my body so it would take care of me.   It is amazing how your health or lack their of affects every facet of your life.
So now for my new plan, my promises to myself-
  • Balance healthy carbs with protein
  • Eat breakfast with protein each day
  • Eat all higher healthy carbs before noon {fruit and grains}
  • Do Power 90 each day alternating strength and aerobic, and either go for a bike ride, run, or take McGilly for a walk each evening.
  • 64 oz. of water everyday + multivitamin
  • Always choose complex carbs like wheat bread, and brown rice for grains.
  • Stay away from high carb foods {sweets, potatoes, corn, carrots, pineapple, peas, bananas, etc.}  This one is something I learned about myself because it helps me stay away from the bad, high carb, empty calorie foods. Bonus, it also minimizes the tummy.
  • Be kind to myself, no negative comments, and if one slips out I have to counteract it with 10 compliments right then and there.  negative anything is such a self defeating practice, who needs that?
  • Absolutely no eating after 7pm
And here are some of my favorite foods for eating healthy:
My sweet fix comes from-
  • dark chocolate {chili dark chocolate, or black currant and almond dark chocolate} one square a day
  • Sugar free chocolate jello with lite cool whip, I add a little peanut butter and protein mix for some carb balance
  • Peanut butter and greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon, walnuts, and a little splenda for sweetness then dip in some apple slices
  • clementine oranges, love them
  • sugar free hard candies, sugar free gum and sugar free fudgesicles
  • and on occasion hungry girls chocolate cake, delicious and made with pumpkin…who knew.
  • Skim milk and sugar free cocoa powder
  • Lemon or blueberry tea with honey and splenda
Other yummies that make eating healthy a good and yummy thing-
  • hummus and veggies
  • skim string cheese
  • almonds and walnuts
  • berries and melon
  • laughing cow cheese in celery
  • greek yogurt {fage 0%}, very high in protien
  • brown rice
  • wasa thin crisps in rosemary with diced tomatoes, spinach, basalmic and melted mozz on top
  • meals like, lettuce wraps, marinated and grilled meat, taco salads with avacado, shrimp tacos, veggie lasagna, well I could keep going but it’s making me hungry.
As I share on Wednesday’s I will also share some of the recipes I have gathered over this journey.  I promise they taste great and are great for you…I can’t eat cardboard.
And last but not least here are my goals–
  • To feel stronger, build endurance and muscle.
  • Feel confident about the nutrition I am providing myself and my family
  • Be a good example to McGilly of showing kindness to myself and working hard for something.
  • Lose enough weight to be in the center of my healthy BMI, {22}
I promise most wednesday’s will be shorter that this but thanks for hanging in there, check back next week for the fun results…and remember don’t hesitate to jump in!
Here’s to our health,
PS it has taken me an hour just to post this, that before picture is almost painful but it also makes me think about how far I have come from just setting goals and going after them, so here we go again!

§ 2 Responses to Weigh In Wednesday No. 1

  • ASH, I do not remember you ever looking heavy. You have always been so beautiful to me! Seeing the numbers and reading what you have learned is amazing.
    Congrats on the challenge and for keeping the weight off for SO SO long!
    And again, you have always been beautiful to me!

  • Laci,
    That means alot! I think that we are way more critical of ourselves than of others. Speaking of, you are looking great!!

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