Dear McGilly…Love Momma

June 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear McGilly,

This week was a fun week, but then again I think every week is fun with you-you even make doing the laundry fun.  You are such a sweet girl, I can almost always get a smile out of you-you have to be really really tired for my tickles or crazy kisses not to work.  This week we learned how to play hide and seek and almost every night we did.

This consists of me saying in an excited voice, “I’m gonna hide, I’m gonna hide, I’m gonna hide,” while I baby step in circles and then dash to some close by place that hides me from your view like behind the baby gate on the stairs or behind the rocking chair in the front room or behind the counter in the kitchen.  All the while from the “I’m gonna hide” you grin from ear to ear, start moving your hands fast and moving your feet back and forth fast like you are standing on hot coals.  As I dash to hide you start your baby penguin run and come to find me the whole way giggling like something great is going to happen.  When you find me and our eyes meet you and I both giggle and you cover your mouth with your hands like it’s just too much.  Then it begins again.  Oh my goodness it is fun.

I think, since you can’t talk yet, I gauge the success of our day on how much laughter is heard in the house-and your laughter, just like in monsters inc., gives our house such a lovely energy and spirit.

This week was the first time you let me read you a non-board book without you trying to rip the pages.  We were sitting in your room and you reached into the basket that holds all of mom’s favorite book and pulled out Knufflebunny, then you walked over and handed it to me and put your hands up to be held {by the way you have the cutest way of doing this, you put your hands out palms up and then raise your arms and tip your fingers back a little, to me it looks like the regular hold me motion mixed with a please and puppy dog eyes}.  We then sat in the rocking chair, blankie on our laps and read Knufflebunny twice, with no attempts at book mutilation, hooray!  I think you loved the book because of all the funny sound effects I make.  It was the best.

This week we completed the yard cleanup with the help of Grandma and Grandpa Kevin, you helped me plant a garden, we planted Anaheim chili peppers, 9 whole plants {yummy for us} and 4 tomato plants, 2 bell pepper plants, a zucchini plant and your favorite a cucumber plant.  I am not a gardener, this is our families first garden but I am going to try really hard to keep them alive.   You helped me make a little banner out of fabric that we tied to a pinwheel and a dowel that is at the entrance to our little garden and it reads, winterrose gardens.  I am quite proud of our little yard.  last night after church you sat with daddy in the parch chair and I watered the garden and it was heaven.

You have my olive skin baby, you were outside all day, albeight, covered in sunscreen but no burn.  Daddy on the other had is red red red.  We should have given him a little of your sunscreen.  And, oh yes, you and dirt-you love it and without fail if I am not watching it goes straight in your mouth-I hear your dad used to do the same thing,  uncle Ry said the paternity test was conclusive, “They both love to eat dirt.”

This week on our play day with Abbie we had fun and we had a scare.  The fun lasted until naptime, we made stuffed animal sliders, we played with the science bucket, you guys love the shells and the color wands.  Then we went outside and played in the water table with things that could float and things that sunk but mostly you just wanted to splash, then a snack and down for a nap.  Little did we know what was going to happen next your sweet cousin tried to climb out of the crib and got her leg stuck in the bars.  All we heard was a loud scream, I set you down and ran into the nursery and I couldn’t get her unstuck no matter how hard I tried-you were screaming-she was screaming- I was scared so I called grandma Jill because I knew we needed help.  Abbs needed someone to support her while we got the leg unstuck because she was squirming.  Right after I called gram I saw the baby oil out of the corner of my eye, so I grabbed it and doused the leg, pulled on the bar and guided her leg out.  We all sat down on the floor and I hugged both of you better.  Abbs was just fine, she was up and att’em like nothing happened moments later but my heart was beating fast for the rest of the day I think.

color wand fun.

Look at all the colors, you kept grabbing for them on the floor.

Yellow and Green Abbs.

Our stuffed animal sliders, they zoom from one end of the front room to the other.

That afternoon we had Creamies with Grandma Jill and Abbs stole grammies and ate two, and you made the sweetest sticky mess, just look at that picture.

sticky sweetness and a smile.

Abbs with her double pops.

Add all this fun to a visit and backyard picnic with grandma and grandpa Lund and Aunt Bailey, our painting party with Abbs and it pretty much was the best.

I love you sweet angel,

Your momma


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