Week No. 2 Wednesday Weigh-In + Printables

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Okay today I realized I really need to quit hogging the camera.  I have 40 new pictures from the last week and not one of me.  Today I am going to have my hubby take a picture of me and make sure I am in at least one a week:)

Here is this weeks rundown:

Remember these were my goals last week:

  • Balance healthy carbs with protein
  • Eat breakfast with protein each day
  • Eat all higher healthy carbs before noon {fruit and grains}
  • Do Power 90 each day alternating strength and aerobic, and either go for a bike ride, run, or take McGilly for a walk each evening.
  • 64 oz. of water everyday + multivitamin
  • Always choose complex carbs like wheat bread, and brown rice for grains.
  • Stay away from high carb foods {sweets, potatoes, corn, carrots, pineapple, peas, bananas, etc.}  This one is something I learned about myself because it helps me stay away from the bad, high carb, empty calorie foods. Bonus, it also minimizes the tummy.
  • Be kind to myself, no negative comments, and if one slips out I have to counteract it with 10 compliments right then and there.  negative anything is such a self defeating practice, who needs that?
  • Absolutely no eating after 7pm

Pats on the Back:

  • I stayed positive this week and I did pretty good at cutting out the sweets except a mini twix on Friday and some terribly delicious fudge brownies my mother-in-law made for my husband to make him feel better on his test day.  I have outlawed her sweets from our house until I have met my goal.  She makes these terribly yummy baked delights and then no one can say deny them.  Outlawed, banned, they cannot enter!
  • I did a great job of minimizing the carbs and focusing on the lean protein this week and ate alot of yummy fruits and veggies, bonus!

Here are my promises to do better:

  • Drink more water!  Here is a cute printable to help you if you need it.
  • Exercise more, even if McGilly is climbing on my stomach during the P90X abb ripper.  I think with how much we laughed it still counted for some calories burned.
  • Find an equally committed friend to be accountable to and celebrate with.
  • Reward myself, this week if I can exercise everyday for 40 minutes, I will get to get these from Forever 21 {they look a little different on me but look great under a long tunic with a belt-my sis Ambie and Erika have these} and these from Old Navy {Bailey, my little sis has these already, so cute!}for my trip to Connecticut to see Ambie!
I made a record book for my Wednesday Weigh-ins and I wanted to give you the PDF’s if you think you could use it.  I can’t write down every little detail so I just made boxes to check off or write a small note in for my water goals, exercise, and food intake.  I will probably record any oopsies or triumphs and what kind of exercise I did to make sure I am getting strength and aerobic equally. I wanted it to basically just give me an overall feel for how I am doing and not dwelling on the tiny details.  Enjoy!
Tell me what triumphs have you had this week?
Here is to all of those we will have before next Wednesday!
PS I am aiming for 2 lbs per week, this is a healthy weight loss goal that will help me to continue to keep it off.  The first week is always a little more hence why there was 5 missing this week:)

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