Dear McGilly…

June 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

 And boy am I glad you are you.  I know that Heavenly Father knew exactly what he was doing when he sent you here.  You will probably grow up hearing this story over and over again but I thought you were a boy until I was holding you in my arms.  I thought you were Will.   I dreamed about you twice while I was pregnant, once I saw your silhouette off in the distance holding the hand of a grown man and you were about two.  Then I saw your face in another dream-same chubby cheeks, same big eyes, same daddies nose but with the short hair and my mind already made up I saw you as a boy. 

The doctor lifted you up to your daddy the first time we were able to lay eyes on you and said, “So Dad, what is it?”  Dad paused and then with joyful disbelief said, “It’s a girl!”  I was never so happy to be wrong in my whole life.  I told your dad she must have juked her brother and came in his place. 

I am tidying up the house today while you are playing with Grandma Jill and everything I pick up of yours I smile.  I love folding your little shirts, I love your little glo worm tucked into my shoe rack, I love vaccuming up the crackers smashed in the floor and I almost hate to clean your little hand prints off of the back window.  I miss you when you are gone but I just close my eyes and I can see your sweet smile and chubby little hands covering your mouth and giggling.  

This week we went to help Great Grandpa Ab clean out his room {it had become somewhat of a closet since Grandma Jackie passed away} and get him a little more comfortable place to sleep.  We ended up being there until 10:30pm and you, sweet girl, just stayed smiley and happy the whole time scuttling around and playing with everyone. 

We also continued our move into reading big girl books, this week we added another Mo Willems favorite to our list of favorites called, Pigeon Wants a Hot Dog, and Jane Yolens, How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?  We read this week in your new reading cove in your bedroom, we moved some of the furniture around and now you have a little cuddle corner to sit and look at books in and play. 

We cooked Daddies favorite dessert for him for Father’s Day {Vanilla and Strawberry Pie} and you colored his wrapping paper to make it pretty.  We also stamped your handprint on Grandpa Kevin’s and Grandpa Jeff’s Father’s Day presents.  The later project ended with you and I covered in red paint, it was fun and with a dunk in the tub we were as good as new.

We had a shopping trip with Grandma Jill of Friday and a sleepover with Grandma Jacque on Saturday.  We went down to do some crafts with Bailey and she ended up needing to tend so we went and visited her at Cousin Cupcakes.  You all dressed up like princesses in your pajamas and we traced and drew Cupcake as a Pretty Pink Princess.  Since you would not lay still for us Bailey and Presli ended up tracing a Barbie and turning her into a Mermaid.  Grandma made us Barbeque and came and played with us at Cupcake’s too.

The next morning we went and saw Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Shelle and wished Grandpa Jeff a Happy Father’s Day, he loves you too much.  Max is Grandpa’s dog {a beagle} and he has a really deep bark-when he barks you just shudder and squint your eyes and then cry.  And then Max gets put outside.  Grandpa lives on the edge of a golf course so Uncle JT and Grandpa can go out and hit golf balls down onto the green.  Next time we are going to take your golf clubs so you can practice too.

After we left grandpa Jeffs we went to church and then saw Grandpa Kevin and Grandpa Ab, ate yummy food, played with Daddy’s old Matchbox cars, ate our yummy dessert, and saw a rainbow.  It was a good day, especially because we were celebrating Daddies and you have one of the very best. 

Always remember sweet girl how much we love you, to always be true to who you are-a daughter of God, with divine talents, and divine potential.  Always stay close to your Father because it is the only way to be your very best.   He knows you, knows your strengths and weaknesses and will support you in all your righteous endeavors.  He’ll always be there to help you navigate the path that is before you and he will never fail you.  His abundant blessings are all around us, within grasp, if we will only be obedient and faithful in following Him.

And I too sweet girl will always be here for you, to listen to you, to love you no matter what, and to lift you up to see who you really are, a miracle- simply put and capable of creating so much good in this world!  You have a purpose here on this Earth, as we all do, with God at the helm you can always look back and be proud of the life you have led and the choices you have made.  No one can take you  place sweet girl, remember that-only you can do that what is yours to do and only He knows all that entails.

Aren't Heber sunsets lovely?

 I love you sweet angel and always, always will,



§ One Response to Dear McGilly…

  • Dear Izz,
    Grandma Shelle and your Aunts Erika and Laci knew you were a girl. Your Grandpa Jeff wanted you to be a cute girl that he could teach to golf.
    You have a wonderful Daddy- Happy Father’s Day 2011

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