Free printable organizer for Momma Monday

June 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear friend,

Organize this!  I slacked a little this weekend in preparing for the weeks posts so I am a little behind but that’s okay because I think it was worth the wait.  Even if no one else thinks so, my little sis Bailey is waiting for me to post these-she wants to get all organized for Jr. High!  I can’t believe my little tiny sis who in my mind is as small as McGilly, bebopping to Dave Mathews in the kitchen, watching Cinderella over and over and over and over, and pulling some of the cutest cheesy grins will be in Jr. High this year.  I have to say I think she is the most lovely, smart and talented Jr. Higher I know…and she has approved of these printables so enjoy!

I made a binder for myself that keeps me organized- I call it my Pensieve {like from Harry Potter} I know nerdy right? It has a place for all of my thoughts so that they don’t all get jammed up in my head, and keeps me straight on things. I will quickly explain each but feel free to use them as you like {of course for personal use only}.

This is the lovely cover inspired by this wood panel painting I love. {download here}

This is a blank calendar for a monthly overview.  I use this also for my blog post calendar to sort out post ideas for the month.

 This is a page where I categorize my goals for the week or as many as I have at the moment. {download here}

 Then I take the goals from the last page and assign them a day so that if there are certain tasks that need accomplishing before others they are laid out in chronological order, there is also a place to put my post titles for the week. {download here}

I have a tab for each of the categories on the goal page and behind each tab is one of these pages, a goal breakdown page, this is where I list all the steps for that particular goal, the No. is the priority, and the completion is a date for me but could just be a check to show it’s complete.  For example, under my business tab I have a goal of printables for the shop and I have listed out all of my ideas and their status is in the completion row {to create, to refine, to print, to post}.  {download here}

This page, there is one for Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, Friday & Saturday, and Sunday + Notes, is a daily planner page.  On mine I have typed in my schedules for the week and left blank my free time, which is about 10 hours a week to work on the business, blog and creating.

 This is a list of activities to do with McGilly and cousin Abbs on Play date day and just with McGilly in our playtime.  Gross Motor- is activities in which McGilly uses big movements and muscles this is obstacle courses, kicking the ball outside, and our favorite is to make a nest of pillow, cover them with a blanket and then jump into the middle and try to climb out. {download here}

This is my meal planning/ grocery list.  I plan the meals across the top for each day B-breakfast, L-Lunch, and D- Dinner, and then write in the ingredients needed in the food categories below. Then I put this on the fridge after I have gone shopping to remind me of the meals available.  {download here}

Boolie, this one is for you so enjoy sweets-I will help you put it together next time I come down. Love ya!

And I hope you all enjoy…



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