Wonder Woman I am not.

June 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Dear friend,

I am sad to report I am not Wonder Woman-as much as I wish I could be I am not.  Today I just had to laugh, I had a list with 25 things on it, only about 5 are complete as of 10:09 this evening.  I always seem to be over scheduling myself.

Today when I felt myself getting overwhelmed I took a step back and realized something.  If  it is a choice between playing with McGilly and…well… anything else, I choose McGilly.  Today it took me two hours to get my ironing done, not because I lack ironing skills, but because every time I started McGilly was doing something I wanted to participate in.  During ironing she started playing with her Gloworm like she was its mom-this was the first time she has done this.  She took a sleeve I had just cut off a sweater and stuck the Gloworm down into it.  Then she cradled it in her arms and walked back and forth around my room a couple of times making a hushing noise.  Next, she laid it on a pillow that was on the end of my treadmill and then took a seat next to it and patted it and waited a minute or so and then started the pattern all over again.  She was oblivious to me watching, she was in her own little world.  It was fascinating to me, I believe it was the first time I have seen her pretend and I was amazed.  I then went over and asked to hold her baby and she let me and I gave it a kiss and she giggled-we played there on the floor for a half and hour or so and the ironing waited…as it should.

As I look at this list right now-all that I wanted to get done before my impending east coast trip with my sister-I am not stressed. Part of this list was to finalize my posts for this week and schedule them to post, complete a list of projects for my upcoming responsibilities of girls camp, and to make sure my house was spotless.  But… I did what I should have today.  I played with my munchkin…and all of my tasks will have to wait till another day.  I never thought I could be this kind of person.  I am goal oriented, creator of lists and driven to cross things off.  It’s amazing what a sweet baby can do.

So with that said, I will be back next week with lots of fun to report…See you on Tuesday.



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