Wednesday Weigh-in +Book Making Tutorial

July 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear friends.

As you can see I am now down 2 more pounds.  Wahoo!  Last week was a wash but this week and our traipsing around New York got me back on track.  I wanted to share my tutorial for the Weigh-in Book and next week I will show you how a week in my book looks.

First gather your supplies…

Print the necessaries form this post. and you will also need a cardstock tent that is 4.25 X 3 inches, a pair of scissors, a hole punch, a rubber band, and a glue stick {or to make your own book you’ll need two 1/2 sheets of card stock, and a stack of 1/2 sheets for pages, and a piece of patterned paper for the binding}.

 Next, use the patterned paper and begin rolling from one corner.

 Then glue the corner down to secure the paper tube you have just made.

Next, fold the small piece of cardstock over the binding edge of your book.

 And, hole punch two holes through the binding.
Next lay the tube down along the binding and trim it to fit.  You may need to add a little more glue if you don’t trim to the center of the tube.
 Next, thread the rubberband through from the back of the book so the ends are sticking out the front holes.

  Last thread your tube through the ends of the rubber band to secure.
Now, you have a lovely bound book.  I think this could be used for lots and lots of things, wedding programs, birthday favors and you could use patterned paper to match the theme.  Have fun with this and thank you to Linda Marriott for teaching me how to make this in college.
I have wanted to start adding a picture each week to chart my progress so of course I went to the trip pictures thinking, there has to be one in there, but everything is from my waist up, this one is the only showing more than half my body…too funny!  We are two goof ball sisters.

Oooo...a sting ray at Mystic Aquarium

Ambie looks quite amazed...silly girl.

Have a great day!

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