Young Womens Camp Craft–Blink Necklace DIY

July 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello Friends,
Long time, no write. I got home from Young Womens Camp on Friday! It was amazing, I love working with the girls and I met so many amazing leaders. I will tell you more but I promised some of my new found friends this tutorial so here it is the most popular craft in 6 years…or so I am told…all right here… for your enjoyment!  I needed a craft for 220 girls and leaders that was under 1 dollar per girl, required minimal supplies, low mess and could be accomplished in an hour and a half.  Here is what I came up with, a Blink Necklace.  This recipe will make 25 necklaces.  They end up costing about 75 cents each.

First for the supplies:

  •  Two twin flat sheets from Wal-mart (5.00).  We did watermelon, turquoise, gray, and khaki colors.
  • 25 brass or silver brads
  • 25 roofing nails, can be reused.
  • 25 bent safety pins
  • 5000 (10mm) wooden beads from shipwrecked beads (20 beads per girl)
Prep work:  
Cut one sheet lengthwise so you have 25- 3X96 inch strips.  I used a rotary cutter with a pinking edge so that I did not have to turn them right side out.  Then stich the strips into tubes with a contrasting thread and a 1/4 inch seam.  Last, use the second sheet and cut out 3 inch circles, 8 for each kit.  I then packaged craft kits for each girl and they contained the supplies in the picture above.
Here is how they go together:
Place a bead in the tube and slide it to the center of the tube.  Tie a knot on each side of the bead, repeat with additional beads–adding one to each side until the beads are gone.  Bead, knot, bead, knot.
Next set aside the necklace and take your set of circles, the brad, the roofing nail, and the safety pin.  Fold one circle in half.  Puncture the half circle in the center of the fold, slightly above the fold.
Place the brad in the hole.  This part starts out messy but as soon as you make it bloom it all looks beautiful.
Repeat the last step and add each petal to your brad, fanning them out as you go to fill in the circle.
When you have finished putting on all of your petals…
Turn over your flower and lay out the brad, make sure to press it down as hard as you can to secure the brad in the center.
And last but not least to fluff– This part is done petal by petal and was perfected by the girls at camp.  Take one of the petals that is folded over.  Take the top half between your thumb and your forefinger and the bottom between you thumb and your other forefinger–then twist and pull them apart.  As you pull them apart they get ruffled and fluff up.  Do this to each petal and the result is  that your flower has bloomed.  I think I will video this step and put it up but for now just pull on those petals and ruffle them up—this is what you get…
My favorite part was seeing all the fun ways the girls were creative with these.  They switched petals with eachother to make the flowers multicolor and they were wearing them as headbands, necklaces, and at church on Sunday I saw them as belts–so, so, cute!!
I packaged them up with these tags and put a little saying inside to explain why they were called blink necklaces.  Also I made some instruction tents for the tables because I was going to be instructing 80-90 girls at a time.  Here are those downloads below…have fun because I know we did!
Have a great Monday and make sure to check back tomorrow for my first guest post!

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