Visiting Teaching is Fun!

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Dear friend,

Each Sunday as part of our Sunday worship, the sisters meet together in Relief Society.  According to our General Relief Society President, the purpose of the Relief Society is to prepare women for the blessings of eternal life by helping them-

1. Increase their faith and personal righteousness

2. Strengthen their families and homes

3. Serve the Lord and His children

As part of serving and caring for God’s children, we are given the assignment of Visiting teaching.  We have a Visiting teaching companion assigned to us through inspiration and then we are given a group of women that we are to watch over and visit each month, if everyone visits those in their care every woman would be visited each month to be uplifted and feel cared for.  In my ward we just got new assignments and I stopped by each of their houses today to say hello and give them a little trinket.  I wanted to record what I wrote to one of the sisters so that McGilly could see my testimony of this beautiful program that I am so lucky to be a part of.  I gave each of them a small candle holder I made out of a mason jar and a note with my testimony.  Also, each month their is a message to read and share with your sisters that is chosen by the presidency.


I have a testimony of our important role as women of faith on this Earth.  We as sisters have been given divine qualities unique to us that is our responsibility to share.  I have seen miracles preformed in my own life and in the life of others by kind acts of wonderful women magnifying the talents and gifts that they have been given.

I was watching a biography the other day of a catholic nun named Therese.  She was admitted into the convent at the age of 15 because of her diligence in convincing those in charge and even the Pope that she was meant to be there because of her love for her Father in Heaven.  Through her journal she recorded her love for the Savior and has since inspired generations of others.  She said, “My heaven is to do good on Earth.”  I loved this because it so greatly explains the purpose of the Relief Society.  We, by caring for each other, by having elevated aims, by seeking to make our life choice, virtuous, and holy, can make a heaven on Earth.  An Earth where all are cared for, none are lonely, and all can reach their fullest potential.

I am so excited to get to come and visit with you each month, to share in the lessons provided by our Heavenly Father, and chosen by our church leadership.  I want you to know that I am here and that you and your family will be in my prayers.  Please if there is anything, really- anything, I can do in between our visits, do not hesitate to call.  I know from experience that asking someone for help is not an easy thing to do but I want you to know that as hard as it is you will be blessing my life, and making my day.

With love, Sister Winterrose


Here is the tutorial on the glass lanterns and here is the link to the free printable cards I used.

Here is a free printable fridge reminder to complete your visiting teaching too.

Have a happy Tuesday!



Painting at the Easel

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Dear friend,

This morning McGilly woke up grumpy.  She hit her head yesterday falling down a couple of stairs and I think she might have had a headache,  she took an early nap and when she woke up I decided to try and cheer her up.  I decided painting was the answer, McGilly painted at her new easel for the first time today.  She first tested the taste of the paint and then finding it didn’t taste good {ewww…}, she started wiping her fingers off on the paper.


Then, I showed her how to dip the paint brush into the paint and press it to the paper to make a mark.  She politely let me show her and then did it all her own way, of course.

 There was a lot of banging and smashing things into the canvas, she was making art music I suppose.  She also decided to use the little paint pots as a painting utensil, she would find the color that matched the color on her palette and then she would dip one of the ends in and stamp it on the paper.  I started to tell her these are for getting the paint not painting but I stopped myself short {remembering the NY MOMA exhibits} and finished the sentence with, “Who am I to say the paint pot shouldn’t be used for painting…go at it!”

Definitely though, I have to say, her very favorite painting tool was the rubberband paint brush.  I got two of these at a conference where Bev Bos was the keynote speaker.  Sadly, she does not sell them on her website but I am going to try creating one and posting the DIY shortly.  Every child should have one of these, they also work wonderful with liquid watercolors!

The rubber band brush up close

The rubber band brush in action

I think she love it!    More so the making a mess than the expressing herself on canvas but all the same she had fun!

I love the mess art leaves behind, it's always so pretty.

And the final masterpiece, I have an idea for this I will share later-I might be turning it into some Mommy and me art…

Here is me, wishing you, a very artful day.

love. AshLee

+when I was looking for the paintbrushes I ran across this PDF for fun painting ideas with Bev Bos and a list of art recipes.


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Dear friend,

This blogging thing is interesting, right now I am not sure who my audience is but at minimum I know it will be my McGilly when she is older.  I want her to see who I am, how much I love her, and what I am passionate about.  One of the things I am passionate about is creating.  It feeds my soul. When I am sewing something or designing at the computer I feel like something that was missing is found.  I have read about this feeling as Flow, when you are equally challenged and enjoying an activity that time seems to slip by.  Creating is where my Flow happens.  It is meditative, calming, and my favorite part is imagining something and then making it tangible.  The most wonderful thing is it’s not for anyone else, yes it is nice to have others admire something you’ve made but that is not the point.  The point is the process, working with your hands, shaping an idea and bringing it to life.  One of the biggest desires of my heart is that I want my heaven to be creating good {things} on earth. Relationships, feelings, beautiful things, memories, love, learning…  Some days I fail miserably but then I can wake up and try again.

This is one of my favorite messages on Creating,

{want to see more, go here}

with love. ash

It’s been 11 years today.

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Dear friend,

Today has been 11 years since I met my husband.  This very evening, 11 years ago, he walked into my work and the rest is {our history}.  It’s amazing to look back on everything we have been through, all the memories, the laughs, the love, the friendship, and the struggles.  When I met him I knew he was either going to be my best friend or my husband.  I got both.  He has helped me become the woman I am today-he believes that I can do anything.  He thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world and tells me so.  His first and foremost goal in life is to make our life the one he thinks I deserve.  I have always felt that he sees me through rose colored glasses but seeing myself through his eyes has made me strive to be the woman he already thinks I am and I am better because of it.  To celebrate this day I wanted to write down the {His}tory and the {Her}story of our first meeting..this is coming I am putting it into a free printable binding for you to use for your own OURstory.

I love you R!


Thankful for…Hand me Downs and a Sewing Machine

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Dear friend,

This last weekend while I was at my Mom’s I saw a bag of clothes that my little sister Bailey was sending to the thrift shoppe.  Me–not wanting anything to go to waste rummaged through the bag and look what I found–on the left is the pieces I cut from the thrift shoppe bound clothing and on the left is the sweet clothes I made for McGilly today.  She definitely was not in the mood for dress up so she helped me take pictures of the clothes laying down.  In the circle for each picture is what the original item of clothing was and all I added was a grey unitard that I got from Old Navy.



For all of the skirts I just cut off the shirts at the length I wanted the skirt to be with 1 inch extra for the waistband–then I folded the waistband back and sewed a tunnel for the elastic. After that I threaded through a thin piece of elastic, adjusted the size, sewed the elastic together and then sewed up the hole that I left to get the elastic in.  On the dress I just cut off the extra fabric on the top and then sewed in the straps and the embellishment.  I warn you I am not a seamstress I just like to create using my sewing machine.  My favorite is the white skirt with the fabric necklace.  I kinda want one and the purple skirt and the navy skirt…which one is your favorite?

Have a happy day.


Okay Another New Favorite Blog-Lucky me.

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Dear friend,

Tak a look at this blog–beautiful, practical, and smart.  A triple threat as far as blogs go.  Aesthetic and informative, high usability and significant (in the words of my friend and current book Daniel Pink).  I am guilty of taking one glance at a blog and shutting the window.  I am extremely aesthetic or does that make me shallow–who knows but I do know a blog, for it to be on my must read has to be beautifully designed and Kinderpendent has it all…go take a look.

I found this tutorial there–psst–can you keep a secret–I am making a set for me too, take the time out of picking an outfit–perfect!

Thanks Alexandra!


My new favorite blog.

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Dear friend,

If a blog is a window into the life and loves of it’s owner…I think I want to be Rachelle from TinkerLab’s best friend.  Her blog is good as gold.  It speaks to my heart and says, “This is good.”  She shares some of the most unique, lovely and imaginative ideas to share with your little ones but also feeds your brain as the parent.  It’s not just fun or cute it is incredibly intelligent.  Go on over and take a look.


I have spent about two hours tonight when I should have been in bed exploring this post and I have bookmarked a bunch to come back to-Creative Thinkers to follow.

Happy Wednesday!





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