Raising a Reader: A Print Rich Home

August 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Look at this cutie patootie!

The perfect picture to begin Part 3 of my Raising a Reader Series.  I began writing this article to put down on “paper” some of the fun activities I have learned in my education and in educating.  To make sure  that I remember to do them with my own kids.  I kept putting this article off thinking I would have more of these ideas implemented but alas the list just seems to be growing.  So I decided to write this post as a to-do list, my to-do list for a print rich home.  I am sharing my list so that perhaps a few of these ideas might jump off the screen and find a place in your home.

Number 1:  Book Baskets-

I am sure everyone has something along these lines, but you can never have enough.  I have books everywhere we have board book baskets {above} in McGilly’s playroom fort, a Mommy’s favorites and a  McGilly’s favorites book basket in her room with regular paper paged books in them.  They are stacked under the end table and by the fireplace, we even have a stack in the bath tub {first picture}.

Number 2: Hide books everywhere-

Keep books in the backside pockets of the front seats, one in your purse, in the diaper bag, always on hand for traffic jams, grocery lines, and basically waiting anywhere.

Number 3: Ideas for the kitchen-

Snack menus-these can be made by cutting off the main word from your youngsters favorite snacks or taking a picture and writing the name of the snack under it.  Line these up on an 11X17 piece of cardstock folded in half, give it a title and let your child order their snack…how fun!

Table Setting-  For this one use another sheet of 11X17 or a piece of fabric cut to the same size.   Then add a circle where the plate goes and one for the cup, and then add silhouettes of the silverware in the right place–last add the names of the items and laminate.

AND…Trula Kids, I mean how cute are these.  They speak all for themselves, find them {here}.  You could do this with all kinds of recipes and tags, so fun!

Number 4: Ideas for the front room-

Movie guide or Pint-sized TV guide– my little sister Bailey knew what movie was Cinderella, without the cover, before she could even talk.  She would search out the movie by looking at the shape of the white logo on the black tape.  Make a movie guide by copying and cutting out your kiddies favorite movie titles and put them in a booklet {tutorial here}.  This way have your child pick a movie by pointing to it in the book.  This also lends itself to all kinds of games like showing your child the movie name in the book and having them find it in a collection of 3 or four laid out movies.

Number 5: Ideas for the Toy room-

Toy bins labeled: take a picture up close of Childs toys in each bin and then place picture on a card and write the name of the toy under the picture then place these on your Childs toy bins. Great for recognition and organization.

Use Posters and maps on the walls but make sure that they are at child eye level and not yours:)

Dramatic Play-Put an old telephone book, grocery lists, and order forms in the dramatic play area like your kitchenette.

Stuffed animal name tags- I did this in my kindergarten class so that the students could find out how to spell the names of the animal by looking at their tags {some of the children even wrote letters during free choice to their animal of choice}.  All I did was bought those sticky name tags at the dollar store and then with a sharpie wrote Gorilla, Black bear, etc. and stuck it to their fronts.

Everyday household labels-I am in the process of making a set of labels that are wood grain with white text that you can cut out, laminate and use to stick to items around the house like lamp, couch, door, window.  This could also be a game, have your child sound out the word and then place it where they think it will go.  In that case just write the words on post-its and have your child decide what the word matches.

Word card books-Buy a deck of word cards from a teaching supply or sometimes target dollar bins have themed sets of word cards that include pictures.  Take about 10 of them and hole-punch through them on the end.  Add some silver ring clasps and VOILA-instant  fun cards for the toddlers.

Number 6: Keeping it personal-

Put your Child’s name everywhere.  On the door of their room, on their wall {very pop these days}, on their favorite book basket {McGilly’s favorite books}.

Use a responsibility chart or a schedule with pictures and words.

And the best way to keep it personal is lead by example.  Read and let your child seeing you read-whether it is the newspaper or novel children learn by example.

…there you have it my monstrous list of things to print richify my house-what might you try or do you have other fun ideas to share?  Please do tell.

Have a happy Tuesday!


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