Weigh-in Wednesday: My saving grace

August 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

P-l-a-t-e-a-u!  I have hit a plateau for sure.  No worries because 2 days ago I rededicated to some stricter rules and by next week I know I will see some more results. I think the best thing in a plateau is just to shock your body out of it.

Here are my rules:

  1. Almost nothing processed, I am eating a lot more fresh food.
  2. I am not making any sweets, like the sorbet mini’s from this weeks post until this weight is broken through.
  3. Higher protein, on every plate I am focusing on a palette of fresh green veggies {lowest carb} and lean protien.
  4. Water, water, water.
  5. Exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise.
I am not being too strict because my goal is just to treat my body right not fad diet.  I lost a lot of weight right before I was pregnant with McGilly by excluding almost all carbs from my diet, I ate purely low carb veggies and lean proteins and low fat cheese. What I found was when I was pregnant I gained more than I needed to because I still hadn’t taught myself how to eat healthy and I had to feed that baby carbs.
I think the most simple changes I have made overall have made the most impact:
  1. Cut out butters and creams-I use spray butter and olive oil exclusively and only use real butter in my sweets.
  2. I use greek yogurt in everything from tarter sauce and dressings to fruit dip, it’s high in protein and really does the job.
  3. I stopped the pop-soda is bad for you-has no redeeming qualities-except the taste:)
  4. I choose foods with the biggest bang for your buck and choose natural- spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, blueberries, cantaloupe, walnuts and almonds, lean proteins like top sirloin and chicken and soy.  I tried new foods like edamame, and Morningstar Chipotle Garden Burgers {yum by the way!}
  5. And when I do choose carbs they are whole grain and 1 portion serving.  I really like akmak crackers and brown rice and wheat couscous.
  6. Do not get down on yourself, it is entirely wasted energy and I have found on a totally off day just makes it and my eating worse.
  7. Seeing yourself beautiful even when you aren’t at your ideal weight-I am convinced over and over that weight has nothing to do with beauty.  It’s about confidence and strength, courage, kindness, and conviction.
I think the biggest thing though was to get educated about food and understand the importance of your food choices by knowing what you are eating in portion size as well as what is hiding in that food.  I was listening on NPR about laws requiring restaurants to list ingredients are going into effect and in NY where it has been doing this since 2008, the only way they could get everyone on board was through two lawsuits to kind of scare restaurants into compliance.  I think it is good business.  Not only will it help those wanting to help themselves but in the long run will hopefully influence restaurants to quit offering outright garbage in their menu.  Especially that garbage disguised as healthy foods.  Outback steak house, blue cheese salad—1000 calories—what!  They were also discussing the need for FDA regulations on food listings because what they found in independent testing was that most desserts and appetizers and salads were off by as much as 300 calories.
Speaking of desserts…My biggest pitfall is sweets, so like any temptation you must find an alternative.  My saving grace right now has to be my apple almond dip.  Look at it in all it’s yumminess…

Here is the recipe, I hope you will try it because it’s yummy!

Apple Almond Dip

1 8oz. container of greek yogurt-I like FAGE 0%

2 heaping tablespoons of 100% almond butter {you can grind your own at WinCo or some Whole Foods}

4 Splenda packets


1 Royal Gala apple

Easy Peasy just whip the first four ingredients until smooth.  Slice your apple.  Add dip to a bowl and dunk in the apple.  YUM!


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