Momma Monday: Make your own coloring book pages

August 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

Dear friend,

I was on Crayola and wanted to make a couple of coloring pages for family night tonight out of pictures.  Well, Crayola requires a code that somehow none of my crayon boxes seemed to possess.  So, I decided to try making some using my Photoshop program.  If you have Photoshop on your computer my step by step instructions can help anyone make a color page or if this nifty program is not within your reach you can go to Crayola and with a code from a specially marked crayon box you can make one with their program.

Here is what it does, it takes a photo from your digital camera and turns it into a color page for the kiddies to take their Crayola’s to.

So much fun!  I made about 10 photos and then bound them between two pieces of card stock and now McGilly has her very own My family loves me coloring book.

Here is how to do it.

  1. Open a photo in photoshop by clicking on File>Open>and selecting your photo.  I store all my photo’s in iphoto.
  2. First click on Layer on the main toolbar>New>Layer via Copy.  Now there are two layers.
  3. Next, choose Image on the toolbar>Adjustments>Desaturate.  This will make the photo into grayscale.
  4. Next, once again click on Layer on the main toolbar>Adjustments>Invert.
  5. Okay if you have never used Photoshop this is the only tricky thing.  Down in the Layers palette usually on the lower right hand side of your screen.  There is a pull down menu that says Normal, click this and  change it to Color Dodge.  This will change the color of the picture to almost white but don’t panic, it is supposed to do that.
  6. Last, go to Filter on the main menu bar>Blur>Gaussian Blur.  Then a dialog box will appear you use the slider to get the image exactly where you want it.  Going one direction will make it lighter and the other will make it darker and more detailed.
  7. All that is left is to print and enjoy!
I hope you have fun with this!

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  • Laura says:

    Thanks for linking this up to my blog post in the comments. I don’t have patience to write down step by step processes for things. This will help my readers. I will have to try it using your steps. I mostly just play around with elements. I usually am unsure in the end what I even did.

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