Mommy idea #1 Capturing memories

August 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear friend,

Sometimes in moments with McGilly I think I will never forget this, and then when I am looking back over the week on Sunday to write to her the fun and funny things that happened- the memories are not as clear.  So to remedy this problem, especially if like this last month it is more than a weeks space of time between writing, I will be able to remember the best of the best of our time.  Enter Inchmark’s awesome idea…

a memory jar.  Brooke Reynolds, former art director for Martha Stewart Kids, shared this on her blog and I instantly loved it.  It’s just a spaghetti jar that each time her children do or say something that is not to be forgotten she writes it on a small piece of paper, any paper, envelope, scratch paper, anything, and places it in the jar.  So simple yet so great.  This is my plan for this week to capture McGilly’s moments for our Sunday mail.

Have a happy Monday won’t you?



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