Teacher Tuesday: Beautiful Borders

August 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello friend,

I wanted to share with you one of McGilly’s favorite books I have made her, well actually I made it in an Early Childhood course at SUU but she found it and loves it.  It was inspired by this book…

This is a book based on the song by Louis Armstrong, one of my favorite musicians, illustrated by Ashley Bryan.  The book is laid out like a puppet show and the pages have these beautiful borders like this…


In college we were to make an art project of a beautiful borders page and I loved it so much I made a book, here are some of the pages…


I used pictures of family and then a few pictures from some of my art and design magazines.  I laminated the pages and then used chicken tags from the feed store to bind it.  The tags come in all different colors and you can just thread them on like a key ring.  McGilly has been playing with this since she could sit up and it looks as good as new.  It is fun to come up with your own borders but if yo uhave smaller munchkins like I do and they need a little more structure I made some color pages for you to paste your own 4X6 pictures into.  The funnest part of this book is if you download Louis singing his tune you can just turn the pages to his awesome voice because the words of the book are the lyrics.  We love to listen and to sing it.  Here are the printables…
Just print the following pages and enjoy!
Happy Tuesday!

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