As School Begins…

August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear reader,

I have big plans for Tuesday’s, I want to get my school files organized and I thought what a better way than to share with others through this blog.  When I was a teacher I sought out the best ideas and then designed my own printables to go with them.  I was picky about how my worksheets and printables looked.  I wanted everything to be aesthetic and that usually meant redoing a lot.  I also liked to personalize activities to suit my students levels and needs.  Needless to say I have alot on my back up drive that has been created by me and I want to organize and share.  The biggest thing is just the time to gather it all together so I am going to try each week to at add a few of the ideas and printables that my classroom would be using.  Here is the first one and hopefully the beginning of many others to come.

This one is a placemat that each of my students would receive at the beginning of the year.  I would print one for each student and laminate it.  It was a marker for the students to know where to sit and would be on their table to greet them each morning. As you can see it is also a reference sheet for the students to use in their work also.  We spent a couple of activity times playing games to familiarize the students with the helpful parts of their mats.  It was also a reward tracker, when students were done with their morning work they would raise their hand and I would come and take a look at it if they had done their best and it was correct I would cross off a number with a Vis a Vis marker and when they got to 10 they could get a prize or work to get all the number words marked off and get a bigger prize.  Then I would erase it and they would begin again.  On the back is a game we would play as morning jobs once we had a vocabulary of sight words memorized.  Students would pick a sight word card and lay it in the first column.  Then they would say it {second column}, and make it in the third column with letter tiles, and then write it using a dry-erase marker in the fourth column.

I made one for McGilly because she is interested in the pictures and she can point out the dog and the cat when I ask her, she also likes drawing on the back and then erasing her marks.  I think it would be a great homework help for kids at home for parents to provide.  It’s also great in the classroom because developmentally students in kindergarten have a difficult time seeing reference charts around the room and transfering that information to what they are working on.  Having it right in front of them helps them be more successful.

  1. First, download this font if you don’t have it already {LD Traditional Print} for 1$.  It was free when I made this.  If you don’t have it you can substitute a font it just might look a little off.
  2. And then download the files {here} and print them back to back on 11X17 cardstock or send the files to your local copy shop and have them print them for you.
  3. Color the color words and laminate.  Enjoy!

Please do let me know if you use anything on the site, of course it is all for personal use only but I love to hear if you have enjoyed it.

Have a great day!


P.S.  A special thank you to Marie Mitchell, a kindergarten teacher that so willingly shared this idea with me as well as many others as I was beginning my first year of teaching!


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