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Dear friend,

This blogging thing is interesting, right now I am not sure who my audience is but at minimum I know it will be my McGilly when she is older.  I want her to see who I am, how much I love her, and what I am passionate about.  One of the things I am passionate about is creating.  It feeds my soul. When I am sewing something or designing at the computer I feel like something that was missing is found.  I have read about this feeling as Flow, when you are equally challenged and enjoying an activity that time seems to slip by.  Creating is where my Flow happens.  It is meditative, calming, and my favorite part is imagining something and then making it tangible.  The most wonderful thing is it’s not for anyone else, yes it is nice to have others admire something you’ve made but that is not the point.  The point is the process, working with your hands, shaping an idea and bringing it to life.  One of the biggest desires of my heart is that I want my heaven to be creating good {things} on earth. Relationships, feelings, beautiful things, memories, love, learning…  Some days I fail miserably but then I can wake up and try again.

This is one of my favorite messages on Creating,

{want to see more, go here}

with love. ash


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