Painting at the Easel

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear friend,

This morning McGilly woke up grumpy.  She hit her head yesterday falling down a couple of stairs and I think she might have had a headache,  she took an early nap and when she woke up I decided to try and cheer her up.  I decided painting was the answer, McGilly painted at her new easel for the first time today.  She first tested the taste of the paint and then finding it didn’t taste good {ewww…}, she started wiping her fingers off on the paper.


Then, I showed her how to dip the paint brush into the paint and press it to the paper to make a mark.  She politely let me show her and then did it all her own way, of course.

 There was a lot of banging and smashing things into the canvas, she was making art music I suppose.  She also decided to use the little paint pots as a painting utensil, she would find the color that matched the color on her palette and then she would dip one of the ends in and stamp it on the paper.  I started to tell her these are for getting the paint not painting but I stopped myself short {remembering the NY MOMA exhibits} and finished the sentence with, “Who am I to say the paint pot shouldn’t be used for painting…go at it!”

Definitely though, I have to say, her very favorite painting tool was the rubberband paint brush.  I got two of these at a conference where Bev Bos was the keynote speaker.  Sadly, she does not sell them on her website but I am going to try creating one and posting the DIY shortly.  Every child should have one of these, they also work wonderful with liquid watercolors!

The rubber band brush up close

The rubber band brush in action

I think she love it!    More so the making a mess than the expressing herself on canvas but all the same she had fun!

I love the mess art leaves behind, it's always so pretty.

And the final masterpiece, I have an idea for this I will share later-I might be turning it into some Mommy and me art…

Here is me, wishing you, a very artful day.

love. AshLee

+when I was looking for the paintbrushes I ran across this PDF for fun painting ideas with Bev Bos and a list of art recipes.


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