Fall Checklist

September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear friends,

Here is our fall to do list.  What do you like to do in the fall?

xo Ash


School Pictures

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Dear friend,

School pictures came in yesterday!  You know that I am a teacher and when I was teaching school before McGilly was born I taught at a school that my Mother-in-law was the secretary.  So, even though I am a Full-time Mom right now I still have an in with the picture people.  They let children and siblings come in during lunch and get their picture taken.  We had McGilly’s first school picture taken when she was five months and then just a few weeks ago we had her seventeen month old pictures taken.  I think they are just so sweet, she looks so big.  In the first picture we had to hold her up because she couldn’t quite sit up on her own.  What a beautiful girl!

xo Ash

A Halloween Collection

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Dear friend,

I got on a kick this evening after McGilly went to bed and I couldn’t stop.  I was playing in Adobe Illustrator-my secret addiction- and made some fun halloween printables for my kitchen.  I needed some cheap decorations and what’s cheaper than a couple hours of fun in illustrator + some cardstock, modge podge, and ribbon.   Without further ado…here they are for your printing pleasure.


In the banner download is a pennant banner with Trick or Treat and the pumpkin pennant above and a candy pennant to put on the ends.  Also, in the printables download there are placecards or food labels, a Halloween 5X7 card, candy jar labels, 4 sheets of pattern paper, cupcake picks or tags, To: and From: tags for Halloween goodies, and a trick or treat poster.

I wanted to wait until I could photograph the finish products to show you all I have planned for them but I was too excited to get them up.  I will share the pictures as I get everything put together and will you do the same?

I would love to see any of my printables in use it is so fun to see others awesome creativity.

You shouldn’t have a problem but if the font looks funny just follow this link and download District Thin and Lobster Two- both fonts are free.  The printable files are quite large so if you run into any problems downloading just let me know.



I hope these help you usher in the excitement of fall.  I do love fall.

with lots of printable love,


And a BOO to you!

September 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

 Dear Friend,

This is what is called a sticky post.  It will be at the top of the blog all month so those participating can find it quickly.  If you don’t know the drill, here it is.

  • Print out two “We’ve Been Booed” signs from below in yellow, hot pink, or purple, and two sets of instructions.
  • Make two sets of yummy halloweeny or fall treats.
  • Take one set of printed items and one batch of treats to a neighbors door.
  • Quietly set them on their porch–knock on the door–AND RUN!
  • Within two day they must return the favor to two more unsuspecting nieghbors.
  • Each person will hang the sign on their door to signify who has been booed!
I hope you enjoy spreading a little Halloweeny cheer this year and I think this is the perfect way to do it.
Please leave a comment if you download this or become a friend and follow this blog, it makes my day when I hear from you!
Happy Fall!

Rock and Roll Rattle Band-A Noisy Tutorial

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Dear friend,

This is such a fun toy and bonus it is good for the environment!  So go green and make some awesome noise while you are at it.  I made this set in college and it has lasted through 4 years and 200 kids-so most likely your grandkids will enjoy it….it’s called the Rock and Roll Rattle Band.   Picture 30 kindergarteners all in a line strutting their stuff around the playground making the most awfully wonderful music with this fabulousness.


12 pack of mini water bottles-drank and rinsed

12-8 inch pieces of dowel {depending on your water bottle, just big enough to fit in the opening of the bottle}


12 different noise making materials, I used: beads, nuts, pennies, small rocks, washers, b b’s, smaller beads, or anything you have laying around the house.  I steered away from food items.

Hot glue gun

Container to store rattles in {I used a hat box and made it into a drum}

Glitter for the fabulous factor



Now the How-to:

  1. Pour your noisy items into each water bottle with a couple of tablespoons of glitter
  2. Cut your dowels and sand rough edges to 8 inches
  3. Heat hot glue gun
  4. Place a generous amount of glue in the opening of the water bottle and on the tip of the dowel and shove it in.   Hold in place until it is cooled
  5. Add a piece of ribbon around opening and dowel and fix with hot glue
  6. Continue until all rattles are glued
  7. Next I took the top of the Paper Mache hat box and placed it on the bottom but first I trapped a bunch of left over noisy stuff between the lid and the bottom of the box.  Then hot glue the edges so the lid is permanently attached to the bottom of the hat box.  Add a set of drumsticks and a ribbon to hang it around your neck and your drum is set
  8. For extra pizazz add a super special collage or decor to your drum
  9. And last but not least make some noise and have a parade!
Have a happy Friday!


McGilly is Silly

September 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear friend,

This is a quick post today-McGilly has a game and this game entails finding my keys, pressing the red button on the keys, when the alarm sounds getting a concerned look on her face and running to bring me the keys to turn it off then she smiles and folds her hands.  This is is the picture I got of it this morning.

I can’t get enough, she makes me laugh so hard and so with that said I do apologize to my neighbors for the 5 false alarms this afternoon.

Happy Wednesday,


Oh, yes and this was taken with the Pudding Camera download on my phone.

Baby Shower Gifts

September 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

Dear friend,

I am feeling a little under the weather this week.  I had intended to share Itzy Bitzy fun but yesterday McGilly and I had a movie day because I was feeling yucky.  SO, I decided to share a couple of posters I created for my cousin and a shower she was attending.  The new babies room is lavendar, will be so cute framed on the wall, don’t you think?

{Download here}

I have joined ishareprintables.com to add my printables too.  Go try it out.

With love, Ash

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