Mommy Makeover

September 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Dear friend,

I am in need of some change.  As you can see my Wednesday Weigh-ins have been non-existent.  I am not moving, my weight or literally {exercise has been restricted to wagon walks with McGilly for the last two weeks}.  Due to life- I have let taking care of me go to the back burner.  So I decided to create a little inspiration.  I have been mulling over the idea of chopping off my hair and I decided today that I am going to do it.  So this is my reward,  I am going to make an appointment for a month from now.  If I stick to my plan I will progressively be sprucing myself up and the culminating reward will be getting my fun new haircut.

Here is the outfit part of a new look…

Well, maybe not exactly this outfit but one inspired by these pieces considering the shoes are almost 300 dollars {that is my whole wardrobe smile} but I love the look and will be looking for a knock off of these shoes because I absolutely adore them and I don’t say that about shoes ever!  Here is a necklace that I found that I think I would wear everyday if I had it.  I don’t usually wear hearts but this one is great!

I am not a fashiony girl-problems being I don’t love shopping, I don’t like spending money, but I do appreciate beautifully pulled together outfits, beautiful colors and fabric and accessories.  I think behind the haircut and the outfit reward is me wanting to, maybe needing to, feel a little more pretty, and a little more grown up.   I think since becoming a mom I have minimized all beauty regimine to it’s quickest possible time allotment-I have air dry hair, base and mascara, lightening speed showers, the focus most definitely is on efficiency.  Don’t get me wrong I like not spending a lot of time on what I look like, I have so many other things I want to do, but I am feeling the need right now to add just a tich more time so that I can update my aesthetics a little.

Here is the plan…

Focus will be on exercise-morning jog 40 min with McGilly in the jogging stroller {Thanks aunt Mely!} and then strength training for 30 minutes at night.

As long as I can log 5 days a week until my hair appointment I will be at my goal.  For the first week accomplished I am going to freshen up my smile with a little teeth whitening.  Then for week two I get to buy my new outfit. The third week I will purchase the accessories for my new look and the fourth week I will complete the look with my new do.  Speaking of… take a look at the do.

Here is the hair…

Yes it is a little drastic but I want something elegant with a twist.  I always get compliments on my hair when it is up in a high bun, moreso than any other styling-I think this hairstyle is very similar to the structure of my high bun.  I want something different and something, well, just right for me.  My aunt Steph has a board on Pinterest that is called “My style-In my dreams.”  I want to make the person inside of me {the one I see in my dreams} match the outside and this is it.  Right now my closet contains some lovely hand me downs from my sister and alot of clearance finds-I want to pin down my style and then when I am bargain hunting I can keep a cohesive look and not just buy it because it fits and is under 10.oo {yes, I am very guilty of this way of shopping}.


So with all that said, this is going to be like What Not to Wear DIY,  I will share with you the progress on Wednesday’s and definitely share a picture when the new look is complete!

Have a great Friday!



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