Thankful for Music Part 1

September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear friend,

McGilly loves music, the perfect way to redirect her when she’s fussy or get her to cheer up is music.  Music makes any day with us even brighter.  First thing we do in the morning is watch a few of her favorite youtube videos while she is waking up and then by the last one we are dancing before breakfast, I love it!  So today I am sharing with you three parts.  First, our wakeup music.  Two, a DIY from my cousin Tiff who is owner of Vivid Vocal Preforming Arts.  And three, a set of music cards for teaching music whether in primary, school, youth group, or at home.

These are some of McGilly’s favorites I had a hard time picking only a few!

Let me know if your kiddies love them too or if you do…would love to hear.

Just wait here comes Thankful for Music Part 2 and a DIY,



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