Keeping the Sabbath Box

September 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear friends,

This is a new category here on Two Penny Blue Mom and it is called the Sabbath Box.  I teach Relief Society in my ward and I get to teach from the conference talks assigned by our bishopric every fourth Sunday.  This month the talk is entitled, The Sacrament and the Sabbath.  As I was reading through this talk  the part that stuck out to me was that it is not enough on the Sabbath to just rest or just attend church meetings, we must treat this day as a sacred day to dedicate to the Lord.  So I had an idea.  To create a box full of fun ideas and activities that promote keeping Christ in our thoughts and actions throughout Sunday and all Sunday long.  I am working on creating some printables so that you can make your own box if you wish and a small idea book with resources and tidbits of traditions and activities that you might like to try.  This post is the first activity to add to your box.  It is also a fun Family Home Evening I planned for my little cousins and McGilly ages 2-4.


For the family home evening I based it on the scriptures in Ephesians 6:10-18 and D&C 27: 15-18.  I also used a talk by President Tanner called, “Put on the Whole Armor of God.” In President Tanner’s talk he simplifies the commandments that the armor stands for to better serve a younger audience.  You can download the printables below, the instructions for making them and the rundown of the lesson.

After we completed the lesson I asked all the grown-ups if they had on all their armor today.  I didn’t expect anything but yes, but I did want to make an impression on the parents as well as the children.  This is one of the most crucial things we can do each day to protect ourselves and our families from the fiery darts of the adversary.  Keeping the sabbath, daily scripture study, keeping the word of wisdom, having a clean and pure heart, being honest, and paying your tithing are all so basic- but if they are done with deliberate diligence our lives will be blessed, our families will be strengthened and our homes will be filled with the love of Christ.

After the lesson I had made a giant gingerbread man and labeled 6 bags of candy with the principles that the armor stood for.  I gave the children clues and whoever guess that commandment got to “put on” that piece of “armor” on the gingerbread man and protect him.  Then we ate the gingerbread man and as they did I used some pictures to tell them of examples in the Bible and Book of Mormon, of men and women who put on the whole armor of God.  There are also a list of examples in President Tanner’s talk.  I hope you like this lesson and have fun with it in your family.  Below are the printables and a few more resources to help extend the lesson.

+Armor 1 Printable

+Armor 2 Printable

+Felt Child Template

+Lesson Rundown

+Ephesians Scriptures

+Doctrine and Covenants Scriptures

+President Tanner’s Talk

+Lesson for Older Children


+Music {Go to New Testament, Song No. 3}

+List of More Resources

These printables are for personal  use only but enjoy and make sure to come back and share how you used them.

Have a fantastic day,


Also, keep checking back because I have made some patterns for superheroes, princesses, street clothes, and sunday best that fit the felt children from the lesson…fun!


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