Scripture Study Tips from a Pro

October 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

Dear friends,

I found this wonderful lady through my cousin Dani on Facebook and I was stopped dead in my tracks.  On her Blog she goes by The Red Headed Hostess and this is a tidbit from her About page,

“My life hasn’t been what I thought, but has been exactly right.  After  working at girls camps, studying abroad in Israel, working at a youth corrections facility, attending the University of Utah, and working at a youth summer program across the country, I began teaching Seminary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. “

My favorite thing she shares on her blog is scripture journals.  She gives a simple and effective way to record the spiritual thoughts and learnings that you encounter.  In this way it is effective across differing denominations.  For conference {a time for those of my religion to gather together from accross the world through TV broadcast and in person, and hear the modern-day prophet and his apostles and leaders speak}  this last week I got a stack of note paper and filled it front and back.  This is great but what inevitably happens is I put it in a stack in a cupboard and it isn’t very useful after that.  So, after seeing this scripture journal method I created my own and have been transferring the most meaningful of my notes into my journal.  I also have been using it during our family scripture study and I can’t wait to use it at church today.  The best idea I got from her post about it is that her goal is to fill one for each of her children as her legacy to them.  Just in the small amount I have added to mine I see in it’s pages a stream of learning and my testimony shaping on the pages for McGilly to be able to read  and provide her with advice even after I am no longer here on Earth with her.


{Check out this amazingness here}


{Learn more of my faith here}


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