Crafty Shmafty Playgroup | Paint Chips and Eric Carle

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Courtesy of Miss Chavah and her cute craftiness.

Dear friend,

This Monday was our second Crafty Shmafty playgroup.  Here is what we made!

First we made paint chip matching games {on pinterest everywhere, originally from here}  this activity not only supports beginning sorting and classifying skills but strengthens fine motor skills.  Be careful with too young of children because the clothespins can be a little pinchy.  We got our idea from this tutorial but we made some adaptions to make them last longer.  The first change we made was to use contact paper to laminate the cards and then we used Modge Podge to seal strips of the color to the clothespins.  Also, I made an easier version with single colors instead of shades.  Hints: don’t go to  Walmart for your paint chips because there are 6 shades to a paint swatch and some are too close for an intermediate game.  We just cut the swatches down to 3 colors to make it a little easier.

 This next set is a print-cut-laminate craft.  I found these wonderful printables on the lovely 1+1+1=1 blog.  The first one is a set of matching cards for the animals in Eric Carles book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  I made the set and then added it to one of our pouches and included a small board book that we had and the sequencing activity on the same site.  The second activity is a counting activity that I added to a book I had by Eric Carle called, My Very First Book of Numbers.  The file did not show the numbers in my viewer it just had black smudges so I covered them with white stickers and I am planning on writing the numbers on the back with permanent marker  and letting McGilly write it on the front with a dry erase marker as a separate activity {of course this activity will come when she is a little older}.

The last activity was CD case mazes, I found the tutorial on the wonderful blog Giddy Giddy.  I made a few adaptions after my trial and error.  You have to make sure if you are using a clear CD case, the older kind with the plastic insert that holds the CD, you need to put the paper lining on the outside and not inside the case under the Wiki Stix-they do not stick very well to paper.  Also I tried the cheapy slim CD cases I had around the house next, and they were perfect because they didn’t have the open space between the bind of the CD and the front cover.  Also, they are just the right width for the ball so the ball can’t jump the maze walls.

I hope you enjoy making these for your kiddos and thank you to Rochelle, Jamie, and Chavah for the fun playgroup!  If downloaded our last crafty shmafty playgroup or invite for your own playgroup leave a comment and let me know how it went, I would love to hear from you!  Our warm fuzzy game was by far the most downloaded.

Here is the supply list for this activity, just click and print.


xo AshLee


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