October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear friend,

I told myself no posting this week-it is a little hectic around here.  Between halloween parties and costumes, lessons at church, new calling, new way of eating, and fun with the fam I didn’t want to feel obligated to the blog but I can’t resist.  Just quick…I wanted to post pics of my first ever non-flat cake.  This took me way longer than it should have,  I had made a disaster in my kitchen when I was done, and it looks nothing like the craziness I had planned but I still think it is cute.  I am quite proud of it.  It went to the Scouting Cake Auction in my ward, I think it fetched 50.00, so task accomplished.  McGilly loved the frosting and I think is now creme filled but we had fun.  At the cake auction my favorite was an icake.  A cake that looked exactly like an edible iPad, genius!

Oh yes, and my favorite part.  McGilly was standing on a stool coloring on her notepad and all the sudden she said, “Ash, your turn.”  Then when I turned not believing my ears she had her arm outstretched handing me her crayon.  What?  So, still in disbelief I took the crayon drew a heart and handed it back to her.  What do you think I heard about 60 seconds later.  This time I hesitated to see if she would keep saying it to get my attention, and yes she did.  “Ash, Ash, it’s your turn…..Ash, Ash.”  I don’t know what to think, but I do know that is what her daddy calls me so…what a little stinker!  The cutest thing is that the /sh/ is emphasized and so darn adorable.

I am such a lucky mom!

If I don’t post again before Halloween-have a safe and happy holiday!

xo Asssshhhh


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