Our Winter Easel

February 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear friends,

Yesterday we had a few friends over to play and I noticed something the favorite toys, were of course the kitchen and the easel–the kids just kept coming back and back for more.  So, this morning when McGilly started painting as soon as breakfast was over I thought I should share this popular activity at our house.  It all began as the weather got too cold to paint outside, McGilly’s paintbrushes were still in the easel tray but she just pushed around the chalk powder with them.  Then silly me I realized–I could give her water to paint with.  This is her usual routine-she draws on the board as in the picture above, then the next time she visits…

she adds some water painting and once the water is on there…


she has learned that if she dips her chalk in the water bowl the chalk works better, so she then draws on the water.  This can almost turn into a chalk finger paint and sometimes that board is covered from top to bottom with it.  Periodically I will wipe it off with a baby wipe and she starts again.  She loves it, her friends love it and it’s easy to clean up–I even like playing with it sometimes, it’s quite relaxing.  It gets used so much we are almost through our second box of chalk in 3 months.

Here are our supplies:

1 IKEA easel

1 box of colored chalk

1 holder of different sized paintbrushes

1 bowl of water


So easy and so much fun!

xo Ash



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