Wait…that is not what I meant.

February 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear friend,

I have decided not to repost my entries from my other blogs so as not to duplicate but this one I feel strongly about sharing, sharing with you and sharing with my sweet McGilly.

Love you little one.



Dear friend,

Well, I so loved this saying left on my facebook by a friend that  made it into a logo.  As I was sharing it on Pinterest and Facebook I noticed something.  Not everyone understood what I was trying to say.  So, I googled the saying to see if there was anything else out there similar to what I was thinking and here is what I found–people were using it in terms of rock hard abs strong is the new skinny, like to replace the Kate Moss version of skinny with Jillian Micheals skinny.


In fact while we are on the Jillian point–I know she has motivated a lot of people to get fit but in an interview I saw on late night–that woman believes that if her fitness were taken away from her she would be nothing, I don’t even think she would like the woman left over…she spoke very harshly of her former self with quite a bit of distain.  This is not what I was trying to express when I created this image.

I was trying to express what living a plant strong-whole foods life has given me.  A holistic acceptance of myself.  I am strong–not rock hard ab strong– but strong in that I know who I am and no matter the size if I am doing my best I love myself.  I am strong from the inside out.

It’s a mental clarity mixed with will power and motivation to continue forward in reaching my full potential.

Strong to me is achieving my optimal health not just physically but mentally and spiritually.

And the only way to do this is by accepting yourself, seeing your beauty without qualifiers, without comparisons, without criticism.

Be good to yourself with the gift of healthy fuel, invigorating exercise, kind words, and support…be your own best friend, don’t belittle yourself or live your life as if your happiness must sit on the shelf until this is defined or that is slimmed down…just take care of yourself.

Keep harmful things out and put helpful things in and I promise, the peace of mind, the clarity, the kindness it allows you to give yourself is worth so much more than that image you have of the perfect physique.

If your self worth, your view of yourself hinges on the outward–what happens when you age, if, heaven forbid, your physical appearance is changed with illness, or an accident.  Love yourself for that deep beauty you possess and reach for the full potential inside of you.

A woman who can truly see her own beauty is priceless, that simple knowledge creates so much power.

I was 10 when I can first remember looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw… and it took me almost two decades to change that.

I can not remember the last time I said a negative comment to myself–and to me that is truly amazing.

It frees up so much of my time and energy to focus the things that really matter, I don’t stand in my own way anymore…it makes me feel as if I can do anything.

And I can.

With love,



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