Hello friend,

This is the official launch of Two Penny Blue Mom…I am so excited!   If you found your way here from other means than Two Penny Blue Design, let me introduce myself.  I am AshLee Winterrose, in September of 2010, my sister and I began Two Penny Blue Design {you can read about it here if you’d like} or visit it {here}.  In January we began blogging daily and creating designs for our company, our goal is Beautiful design for the Practical Pocket and we wanted to center around creative correspondence and celebrations.  We knew we just had to put action to our thoughts, we both had full-time jobs {Amber as a designer and I as a first time mom} so we new it might take us a while but we just wanted to begin and we did.

I realized as I rounded my 100th blog some things about myself.  As much as I love design and learning how to create it {I am a kindergarten teacher by trade}, to be true to myself I needed to incorporate children and teaching and motherhood into my daily blogging.  Graphic Design is not a natural part of my everyday life like Amber’s, so I decided Two Penny Blue Mom was the answer.  A place to chronicle this phase of my life…new mommyhood and all that entails, teaching my daughter, learning design, and trying to lead a more artful life.

With that said, here are some things about me personally.  I have loved spending time with children ever since I can remember.  In fact some how I want to make the world better for all children and while I am trying to figure out how to do that I will try to make each child’s word that I meet a little better.  This is why I loved teaching so very much.  Each day I woke up, went into my classroom and for 2 1/2 hours I could create a world for each of my students that was always safe, and kind, and inspiring, and where each of them knew without a doubt I believed in all that they could accomplish.  I truly miss that more than I can express and more than I even thought possible.  Built into my life was this opportunity to make a difference everyday,  that is such a blessing.  I think I viewed my job as a teacher more as a calling and less as a job.  It only became a job when the job politics came into play.   I was fiercely dedicated to teaching and doing my best for the children under my care.  I loved it!  Even now as I think of standing in my classroom interacting with 26 little ones I am smiling from ear to ear-they were the best!

Now, because of my ability to take care of a classroom of little ones I think somewhere subconsciously I thought that motherhood was going to blend right in.  Not so.  This is different, different in a wonderfully overwhelming way.  I could back up my success as a teacher with data, as a mother it is a little different.  I have spent a lot of this first year feeling so incredibly inadequate.  Which if you can believe it is a great thing…feeling inadequate pushes us to grow and to learn new things.  I have learned to appreciate this discontent because I know great things are to come if I just keep pressing forward and seeking out opportunities to learn…mind you that doesn’t mean I  don’t still feel incredibly overwhelmed sometimes and frustrated  but it does give me that bigger picture that keeps your chin up on the craziest of days.

If all motherhood consisted of was playing with {building forts, shaving cream painting, giggling out on the lawn, bubbles, balls, reading books, field trips, dancing, you know all the good stuff} and nurturing my sweet McGilly…  I would be home free, oh blissful days we would have.  But that is not reality and where I struggle, where I have always struggled is balance {you know adding in the dishes, laundry, groceries, toilets, homemaking, keeping my passion for things, yard work, organizing, supporting my hubby, taking care of myself, fulfilling the responsibilities of my faith, nurturing my relationship with my Father in Heaven, being a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a friend, a good neighbor,  etc. etc. etc.}  So, deep breath, this blog will basically be a record of this journey and the success and failures I have in trying to navigate to something resembling balance.

With balance as the goal I have come up with a blogging schedule to keep me focusing on the those goals most important to me {can you tell I taught kindergarten, lovely alliteration, don’t you think?}:

Monday is my Momma Monday- this day will share fun activities from mine and McGilly’s week and spotlight anything exciting we did.  I can envision sharing printables and DIY’s so you can try them out at home.

Tuesday is Teacher Tuesday-this day is going to help me stay connected with the profession I love so much and I will be sharing lots of fun ideas and printables from my teaching days and also information from my experience.

Wednesday is Weigh-in Wednesday- one of the first things to go when I get under the gun is taking care of myself.  This is going to make me change that.  I will explain more next Wednesday.

Thursday is Thankful Thursday- a quick post to be thankful for from the week.

Friday is Family and Faith Friday- On this day I am going to talk about, you guessed it, my family and my faith, and show any Family Home Evening fun I find or create.

Intertwined will be my Doodles of the Day {my 20 min challenge to doodle and design something regularly}  and my Mail for McGilly {a letter from me to my munchkin as journaling has become harder and harder since starting a blog}.

Whew…well if you read all of that you are better than I, I am a visual reader when I frequent my favorite blogs but this was meant as a mini manifesto for myself, my goals, and what the next 100 posts will bring…with a little luck a little more balance and a lot of fun.

Have a lovely lovely day,



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