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June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello Friend,

Well here we are the first official post of Two Penny Blue Mom and I am excited.  If this post doesn’t have enough text for you, skip and a hop over to the about page for some background information about how this little blog came to be.  To cut to the chase, I wanted to begin a blog that was a journal of my everyday and one that was supporting all the things that I am focusing on right now in my life.  So, I decided to come up with a set of life focuses that define my goals right now for myself and my family and then create a blogging schedule that integrates those things.  So without further ado, here is Life focus No.1 through 4…

Spiritual focus is the first on my list because it is core and center to my life.  Without the gospel without my relationship with my Savior my life would be empty… to put it frankly.  So this focus is about strengthening and nurturing my relationship with my Heavenly Father.  Following Christ’s example is the foundation for this focus.

Taking care of myself so I can take care of others is at the root of this focus.  Taking care of myself tends to fall to the bottom of the list when life gets hectic.  I am going to make sure to take care of myself spiritually {life focus #1}, physically {exercise & nutrition}, and emotionally {finding time for my passion, life focus #4}.  I also want to live a grateful life no matter the place I am at, always be grateful.

My lovely lovely family.  This focus is about first my tall dark and handsome hubby {his grandma used to call him that} and McGilly my 14 month old little girl with the chubby cheeks, her daddy’s eyes and crazy amounts of dark hair.  This focus also includes all of my extended family, who I love oh so much. This focus is especially about not multi-tasking McGilly’s Childhood away,  I want to get down on her level each day and relish in those tender sweet moments.  And about actively strengthening my relationship with my best friend, my hubby, through snippets of us time and keeping kindness and gratitude a part of our daily interaction.  This focus also includes serving others not in my family here on Earth but being aware of all those in our realm of influence and seeking out opportunities to serve and help others.

Last but not least is to create, and keeping my passion for those things that have made me who I am {teaching, art, poetry, creating pretty things}.  I want to meld who I was before I became a mom and new founded motherhood into one, I believe I do this by still seeking after those things I cherished before-helping children, teaching, learning new things, admiring beautiful things, creating new things with new mediums and sharing those with my children {well child and future children}.  My goal as of late is learning the adobe suite, and spending more time hands on creating.  I love creating with fabric, sculpting, photography, graphic design, beautiful correspondence, lovely packaging and really making anything aesthetic to the eye through color and shape. So…this focus will be about creating beauty.

In my religion we have 13 articles of faith to live by and the 13th is one of my favorite sayings on this topic-

“…If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.”

Okay so there you have it, my mini manifesto.  Next is my blogging schedule…

Monday is my Momma Monday- this day will share fun activities from mine and McGilly’s week and spotlight anything exciting we did.  I can envision sharing printables and DIY’s so you can try them out at home.Tuesday is Teacher Tuesday-this day is going to help me stay connected with the profession I love so much and I will be sharing lots of fun ideas and printables from my teaching days and also information from my experience.Wednesday is Weigh-in Wednesday- one of the first things to go when I get under the gun is taking care of myself.  This is going to make me change that.  I will explain more next Wednesday.Thursday is Thankful Thursday- a quick post to be thankful for from the week.Friday is Family and Faith Friday- On this day I am going to talk about, you guessed it, my family and my faith, and show any Family Home Evening fun I find or create and anything wonderful I have spotted across the web.Service Saturday- Because I think that acts service whenever possible should be anonymous, I will link to stories of service rendered to others, fun free printables to aid you in your service endeavors, and fun ideas for serving the ones you love.

Intertwined will be my Doodles of the Day {my 20 min challenge to doodle and design something regularly- you can see all the posts so far under the doodle day category in the left column}  and my Mail for McGilly {a letter from me to my munchkin as journaling has become harder and harder since starting a blog}.

Whew…well if you read all of that you are better than I, I am a visual reader when I frequent my favorite blogs but this was meant more for me  to commit to myself to my mini manifesto, verbalize my goals, and introduce you to Two Penny Blue Mom.

Have a lovely lovely weekend, see you for Momma Monday,



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