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Dear friend,

I have decided not to repost my entries from my other blogs so as not to duplicate but this one I feel strongly about sharing, sharing with you and sharing with my sweet McGilly.

Love you little one.



Dear friend,

Well, I so loved this saying left on my facebook by a friend that  made it into a logo.  As I was sharing it on Pinterest and Facebook I noticed something.  Not everyone understood what I was trying to say.  So, I googled the saying to see if there was anything else out there similar to what I was thinking and here is what I found–people were using it in terms of rock hard abs strong is the new skinny, like to replace the Kate Moss version of skinny with Jillian Micheals skinny.


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A Variation of Vivian

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Okay-this post should be difficult, this post should be hard but then I found this book–one of the weight loss books I made myself when I was at the beginning of this endeavor–February 21, 2002 to be exact.  In a little over a month I will be at one decade in this journey to get fit, turning 30 in a little over 4 months and so excited when I look back at the wisdom I have gained in this area.  I am not sad about posting these pictures I am ecstatic!  I still have so much to learn and a lot to do but I am excited because I know I can do it!  I look at myself and I say I am beautiful–I can say it because I feel so great on the inside–healthy and strong–and I know without a doubt I can help the outside match the inside….without further ado–a variation of Viv…

Here are the stats:

Hieght: 5’8
Weight: 159 

I measured the same places I did 10 years ago, to the side in brackets is the inches I have lost since 2002.

Ankle: 8.75 {-1.25}
Calves: 14.25 {-2.25}
Knees: 14.50 {- 4}
Thighs: 23.5 {-5.5}
Hips: 40.5 {-13.5}
Waist: 35.5 {-9.5}
Bust: 37 {-13.5}
Upper Arm: 12 {-3.5}
Lower Arm: 9 {-2}
Shoulders: 42.5 {-7.5}
Neck: 12.5 {-2.5}

Pant size: 10 {-14 sizes}

I wrote these measurements down in 2002 after losing about 16lbs first, so this wasn’t even my biggest, it’s a little overwhelming.

Of everything I have learned here are the two that mean the most…
First, there is no quick fix and yes you can do a fad diet and lose weight but to feel good, to feel strong long term, {which by the way is even better than being thinner}  you have to take care of your body. Put good things into it, support it with true nutrition and exercise and the weight will just come off.  What’s even better is when the focus shifts from the weight to taking care of yourself you are kinder to yourself and the weight still comes off, in fact for me it came off better than when I was depriving myself and beating myself up all the time.  

And the second thing…

This was me…
The only two pictures that seem to have survived.  
I truly believe it was not my weight that was holding me back it was how I was feeling, the weight was a symptom and not the cause.  I was not taking care of myself–to be fair I hadn’t yet learned how to take care of myself.  I was “dieting” and I felt great when the scale showed good results but when it didn’t, I felt horrible.  Everything hinged on the numbers on that scale.  When you feel horrible your motivation dies out and you are back to square one.  I can honestly say I don’t weigh myself for anything more now than curiosity.  The weight loss is a byproduct of this way of eating because just taking care of myself feels so good.  Over the last 10 years I have never been able to break through 170 and now I just broke through 160– I am 4 lbs. from a weight I never thought I could reach and I feel awesome, I owe it all to living plant strong and my grandma for being my health advocate and to my hubby for always making me feel beautiful–no matter the size.

Funny that sounded like I was winning an award-but you know that is kinda how I feel.

Love. Love.

Mommy Makeover Update

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Dear friend,

This week has been happy.  I can’t really put my finger on exactly why but I think it has to do with being around all of the amazing women in my life.  I am surrounded by strong, talented, and beautiful women and I love them.  Today I wanted to give you a little update-I have kept my promise to myself and am on my 3rd day of exercise and water drinking-40 minutes a day of jog/running and 64 oz. of water per day.  I know- not like I ran a marathon- but keeping balance is very precarious when dealing with motherhood {and all of you mothers know that taking care of yourself is easily squeezed out when the schedule gets tight}.  So…3 more days and I get my first Mommy makeover reward, I decided to change it to new makeup.  Here are my ideas for makeup and some new pics for differentiating the do.  I promise I am not trying to become Ginnifer Goodwin but you have to admit she is quite lovely-we have the same coloring, very helpful in choosing makeup.

Dramatic Eyes

For a fun evening out...wait what is that? :}


Everyday makeup

Here is a great tutorial for the dramatic version of the makeup and the black and gold night out version…and here is my shopping list to get these looks.

  • MAC Strobe Cream Moisturizer 15.00
  • Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse 5.00
  • Concealer 6.00
  • MAC Fluidline liner in Blacktrack 15.00
  • CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara in Very Black 7.00
  • CoverGirl Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush Lush Berry 6.00
  • MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder 21.00
  • Nude lip pencil 6.00
  • Nude lip gloss 6.00
  • Eyeshadow highlighter and rich hue and gold {already have it} 12.00


Last, all I have to do is go and have my talented cousin Tiffani teach me how to put it on, she did teach me how to pluck my eyebrows.  And by the way, thank you for that Tiffie-no one likes a unibrow!

Thanks for stopping by,


Oh yes, and if you didn’t see the first Mommy makeover post and are curious {click here}.

Mommy Makeover

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Dear friend,

I am in need of some change.  As you can see my Wednesday Weigh-ins have been non-existent.  I am not moving, my weight or literally {exercise has been restricted to wagon walks with McGilly for the last two weeks}.  Due to life- I have let taking care of me go to the back burner.  So I decided to create a little inspiration.  I have been mulling over the idea of chopping off my hair and I decided today that I am going to do it.  So this is my reward,  I am going to make an appointment for a month from now.  If I stick to my plan I will progressively be sprucing myself up and the culminating reward will be getting my fun new haircut.

Here is the outfit part of a new look…

Well, maybe not exactly this outfit but one inspired by these pieces considering the shoes are almost 300 dollars {that is my whole wardrobe smile} but I love the look and will be looking for a knock off of these shoes because I absolutely adore them and I don’t say that about shoes ever!  Here is a necklace that I found that I think I would wear everyday if I had it.  I don’t usually wear hearts but this one is great!

I am not a fashiony girl-problems being I don’t love shopping, I don’t like spending money, but I do appreciate beautifully pulled together outfits, beautiful colors and fabric and accessories.  I think behind the haircut and the outfit reward is me wanting to, maybe needing to, feel a little more pretty, and a little more grown up.   I think since becoming a mom I have minimized all beauty regimine to it’s quickest possible time allotment-I have air dry hair, base and mascara, lightening speed showers, the focus most definitely is on efficiency.  Don’t get me wrong I like not spending a lot of time on what I look like, I have so many other things I want to do, but I am feeling the need right now to add just a tich more time so that I can update my aesthetics a little.

Here is the plan…

Focus will be on exercise-morning jog 40 min with McGilly in the jogging stroller {Thanks aunt Mely!} and then strength training for 30 minutes at night.

As long as I can log 5 days a week until my hair appointment I will be at my goal.  For the first week accomplished I am going to freshen up my smile with a little teeth whitening.  Then for week two I get to buy my new outfit. The third week I will purchase the accessories for my new look and the fourth week I will complete the look with my new do.  Speaking of… take a look at the do.

Here is the hair…

Yes it is a little drastic but I want something elegant with a twist.  I always get compliments on my hair when it is up in a high bun, moreso than any other styling-I think this hairstyle is very similar to the structure of my high bun.  I want something different and something, well, just right for me.  My aunt Steph has a board on Pinterest that is called “My style-In my dreams.”  I want to make the person inside of me {the one I see in my dreams} match the outside and this is it.  Right now my closet contains some lovely hand me downs from my sister and alot of clearance finds-I want to pin down my style and then when I am bargain hunting I can keep a cohesive look and not just buy it because it fits and is under 10.oo {yes, I am very guilty of this way of shopping}.


So with all that said, this is going to be like What Not to Wear DIY,  I will share with you the progress on Wednesday’s and definitely share a picture when the new look is complete!

Have a great Friday!


Weigh-in Wednesday: My saving grace

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P-l-a-t-e-a-u!  I have hit a plateau for sure.  No worries because 2 days ago I rededicated to some stricter rules and by next week I know I will see some more results. I think the best thing in a plateau is just to shock your body out of it.

Here are my rules:

  1. Almost nothing processed, I am eating a lot more fresh food.
  2. I am not making any sweets, like the sorbet mini’s from this weeks post until this weight is broken through.
  3. Higher protein, on every plate I am focusing on a palette of fresh green veggies {lowest carb} and lean protien.
  4. Water, water, water.
  5. Exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise.
I am not being too strict because my goal is just to treat my body right not fad diet.  I lost a lot of weight right before I was pregnant with McGilly by excluding almost all carbs from my diet, I ate purely low carb veggies and lean proteins and low fat cheese. What I found was when I was pregnant I gained more than I needed to because I still hadn’t taught myself how to eat healthy and I had to feed that baby carbs.
I think the most simple changes I have made overall have made the most impact:
  1. Cut out butters and creams-I use spray butter and olive oil exclusively and only use real butter in my sweets.
  2. I use greek yogurt in everything from tarter sauce and dressings to fruit dip, it’s high in protein and really does the job.
  3. I stopped the pop-soda is bad for you-has no redeeming qualities-except the taste:)
  4. I choose foods with the biggest bang for your buck and choose natural- spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, blueberries, cantaloupe, walnuts and almonds, lean proteins like top sirloin and chicken and soy.  I tried new foods like edamame, and Morningstar Chipotle Garden Burgers {yum by the way!}
  5. And when I do choose carbs they are whole grain and 1 portion serving.  I really like akmak crackers and brown rice and wheat couscous.
  6. Do not get down on yourself, it is entirely wasted energy and I have found on a totally off day just makes it and my eating worse.
  7. Seeing yourself beautiful even when you aren’t at your ideal weight-I am convinced over and over that weight has nothing to do with beauty.  It’s about confidence and strength, courage, kindness, and conviction.
I think the biggest thing though was to get educated about food and understand the importance of your food choices by knowing what you are eating in portion size as well as what is hiding in that food.  I was listening on NPR about laws requiring restaurants to list ingredients are going into effect and in NY where it has been doing this since 2008, the only way they could get everyone on board was through two lawsuits to kind of scare restaurants into compliance.  I think it is good business.  Not only will it help those wanting to help themselves but in the long run will hopefully influence restaurants to quit offering outright garbage in their menu.  Especially that garbage disguised as healthy foods.  Outback steak house, blue cheese salad—1000 calories—what!  They were also discussing the need for FDA regulations on food listings because what they found in independent testing was that most desserts and appetizers and salads were off by as much as 300 calories.
Speaking of desserts…My biggest pitfall is sweets, so like any temptation you must find an alternative.  My saving grace right now has to be my apple almond dip.  Look at it in all it’s yumminess…

Here is the recipe, I hope you will try it because it’s yummy!

Apple Almond Dip

1 8oz. container of greek yogurt-I like FAGE 0%

2 heaping tablespoons of 100% almond butter {you can grind your own at WinCo or some Whole Foods}

4 Splenda packets


1 Royal Gala apple

Easy Peasy just whip the first four ingredients until smooth.  Slice your apple.  Add dip to a bowl and dunk in the apple.  YUM!

Wednesday Weigh-in +Book Making Tutorial

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Dear friends.

As you can see I am now down 2 more pounds.  Wahoo!  Last week was a wash but this week and our traipsing around New York got me back on track.  I wanted to share my tutorial for the Weigh-in Book and next week I will show you how a week in my book looks.

First gather your supplies…

Print the necessaries form this post. and you will also need a cardstock tent that is 4.25 X 3 inches, a pair of scissors, a hole punch, a rubber band, and a glue stick {or to make your own book you’ll need two 1/2 sheets of card stock, and a stack of 1/2 sheets for pages, and a piece of patterned paper for the binding}.

 Next, use the patterned paper and begin rolling from one corner.

 Then glue the corner down to secure the paper tube you have just made.

Next, fold the small piece of cardstock over the binding edge of your book.

 And, hole punch two holes through the binding.
Next lay the tube down along the binding and trim it to fit.  You may need to add a little more glue if you don’t trim to the center of the tube.
 Next, thread the rubberband through from the back of the book so the ends are sticking out the front holes.

  Last thread your tube through the ends of the rubber band to secure.
Now, you have a lovely bound book.  I think this could be used for lots and lots of things, wedding programs, birthday favors and you could use patterned paper to match the theme.  Have fun with this and thank you to Linda Marriott for teaching me how to make this in college.
I have wanted to start adding a picture each week to chart my progress so of course I went to the trip pictures thinking, there has to be one in there, but everything is from my waist up, this one is the only showing more than half my body…too funny!  We are two goof ball sisters.

Oooo...a sting ray at Mystic Aquarium

Ambie looks quite amazed...silly girl.

Have a great day!

Week No. 2 Wednesday Weigh-In + Printables

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Okay today I realized I really need to quit hogging the camera.  I have 40 new pictures from the last week and not one of me.  Today I am going to have my hubby take a picture of me and make sure I am in at least one a week:)

Here is this weeks rundown:

Remember these were my goals last week:

  • Balance healthy carbs with protein
  • Eat breakfast with protein each day
  • Eat all higher healthy carbs before noon {fruit and grains}
  • Do Power 90 each day alternating strength and aerobic, and either go for a bike ride, run, or take McGilly for a walk each evening.
  • 64 oz. of water everyday + multivitamin
  • Always choose complex carbs like wheat bread, and brown rice for grains.
  • Stay away from high carb foods {sweets, potatoes, corn, carrots, pineapple, peas, bananas, etc.}  This one is something I learned about myself because it helps me stay away from the bad, high carb, empty calorie foods. Bonus, it also minimizes the tummy.
  • Be kind to myself, no negative comments, and if one slips out I have to counteract it with 10 compliments right then and there.  negative anything is such a self defeating practice, who needs that?
  • Absolutely no eating after 7pm

Pats on the Back:

  • I stayed positive this week and I did pretty good at cutting out the sweets except a mini twix on Friday and some terribly delicious fudge brownies my mother-in-law made for my husband to make him feel better on his test day.  I have outlawed her sweets from our house until I have met my goal.  She makes these terribly yummy baked delights and then no one can say deny them.  Outlawed, banned, they cannot enter!
  • I did a great job of minimizing the carbs and focusing on the lean protein this week and ate alot of yummy fruits and veggies, bonus!

Here are my promises to do better:

  • Drink more water!  Here is a cute printable to help you if you need it.
  • Exercise more, even if McGilly is climbing on my stomach during the P90X abb ripper.  I think with how much we laughed it still counted for some calories burned.
  • Find an equally committed friend to be accountable to and celebrate with.
  • Reward myself, this week if I can exercise everyday for 40 minutes, I will get to get these from Forever 21 {they look a little different on me but look great under a long tunic with a belt-my sis Ambie and Erika have these} and these from Old Navy {Bailey, my little sis has these already, so cute!}for my trip to Connecticut to see Ambie!
I made a record book for my Wednesday Weigh-ins and I wanted to give you the PDF’s if you think you could use it.  I can’t write down every little detail so I just made boxes to check off or write a small note in for my water goals, exercise, and food intake.  I will probably record any oopsies or triumphs and what kind of exercise I did to make sure I am getting strength and aerobic equally. I wanted it to basically just give me an overall feel for how I am doing and not dwelling on the tiny details.  Enjoy!
Tell me what triumphs have you had this week?
Here is to all of those we will have before next Wednesday!
PS I am aiming for 2 lbs per week, this is a healthy weight loss goal that will help me to continue to keep it off.  The first week is always a little more hence why there was 5 missing this week:)

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