Our Winter Easel

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Dear friends,

Yesterday we had a few friends over to play and I noticed something the favorite toys, were of course the kitchen and the easel–the kids just kept coming back and back for more.  So, this morning when McGilly started painting as soon as breakfast was over I thought I should share this popular activity at our house.  It all began as the weather got too cold to paint outside, McGilly’s paintbrushes were still in the easel tray but she just pushed around the chalk powder with them.  Then silly me I realized–I could give her water to paint with.  This is her usual routine-she draws on the board as in the picture above, then the next time she visits…

she adds some water painting and once the water is on there…


she has learned that if she dips her chalk in the water bowl the chalk works better, so she then draws on the water.  This can almost turn into a chalk finger paint and sometimes that board is covered from top to bottom with it.  Periodically I will wipe it off with a baby wipe and she starts again.  She loves it, her friends love it and it’s easy to clean up–I even like playing with it sometimes, it’s quite relaxing.  It gets used so much we are almost through our second box of chalk in 3 months.

Here are our supplies:

1 IKEA easel

1 box of colored chalk

1 holder of different sized paintbrushes

1 bowl of water


So easy and so much fun!

xo Ash



Wonder Hour: Art in Action +9 freebie painting recipes

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McGilly painting the window.

McGilly painting herself.

She had a blast.

Tootsie art in action.

Look at those colorful tootsie's.

What a masterpiece!

Hello friend,

Here it is Monday Morning and I have such a great post to share with you.  I have 9 more wonder hour recipes to share and they are all about painging.  If you haven’t read about wonder hour take a look at this post first.  As you can see this week was painting week at the Winterrose’s. Mcgilly loved the shaving cream painting, I used a dollar bin sorter from target and mixed up the recipe, this made the different colors really easy for her to get to.  Then we went on our back porch and she was a little hesitant at first but then really got into it.  The only draw back was she hated the taste and her cutie cousin, dropped the painting all together when she found out it tasted bad.   I was thinking, what if we tried heavy whipping cream next time?

And then we tried out tootsie painting.  We helped the girls dip their feet in the paint and then let them go.  They were completely unsure about the paint on their feet.  By about the third run I finally got a laugh out of McGilly but I think the results were worth it.  We hung McGilly’s in her toy room like the feet were climbing the wall.  I think I will try this one again when she is a little bigger but the footprints are priceless.

The silliest part about 14 month olds is that their favorite part was getting clean, anything with the hose and water and they are happy.

Getting clean, hooray for water!

Alrighty, now for the recipes for all this fun.  I have examples of all the different paintings but I still have to photograph them, I will post them tomorrow with some children’s books that go with the activities but here is a description and the recipe cards to add to your wonder hour boxes.

  • Goop painting: is a texture paint that you squeeze through a mustard or ketchup bottle.  It can be made any color and the result is a raised paint that sparkles after it dries.
  • Puff painting: is also a raised paint that you apply with squeeze bottles {you can find these at oriental trading or in the picnic stuff at your grocery store or even in your cupboard.  This one once dry is soft to the touch.
  • Rain painting: this is one of my favorites it involves watering down tempera or using liquid watercolor and placing it in a spray bottle, then you find items to place on a your canvas that will make a silhouette or a rain shadow.  When you spray the paint down on the paper and let it dry you can pull the items off of the paper and voila, fun silhouettes of all the treasures you’ve added.
  • Sparkle painting or crystal painting: is painting with Epsom salts {magnesium sulfate} and water.  When dry this mixture leaves a sparkly white result.  Perfect for dragon teeth, or snowflakes, you can also color it.
  • Watercolor resist: In this recipe you use rubber cement to mask off parts of the paper and then watercolor over it, and then rub the rubber cement off to reveal a resist on the paper.  This one would be fun for the little ones if you painted their name on their paper with rubber cement and then let them go at it with the watercolors, after when you removed the rubber cement their name would magically appear.
  • Mud painting: this is my other favorite.  This paint is a clean mud that is the best part of a mudpie,  when it dries it will not fall off the paper but looks fantastic for a long time.  I have had my sample for almost 5 years and it still looks great.  Kids love the texture.  You can use different colored sand from the craft store for a variety.
  • And the last one is watercolor tye dye:  This one uses a paper towel and liquid watercolors to let kids explore tye dye on a basic level.  As the towel is folded and the corners are dipped in the liquid watercolors it spreads and mixes resulting  in a colorful piece of art and a great way to explore mixing colors.
  • Tootsie painting and shaving cream paint are the funness shown above.
Oh yes, and make sure to check back tomorrow for the beginning of my mini series on early literacy and the photographs and book lists that go with these recipe cards.
Have a wonderful Monday!

Introducing Wonder Hour + free printable

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Dear friends,

It’s Momma Monday and I am going to introduce you to the awesomeness of wonder hour.  Here were my inspirations, No. 1 Dee Dee is having terrific Tuesday’s on her blog and they are all about the kids.  Fun ideas each Tuesday to showcase creative and fun ways to spend time with your little ones.  As you know from reading my mini manifesto, one of my goals is more time down on Mcgilly’s level-eye to eye, enjoying the joy of play.  Enters inspiration No. 2,  I have so many ideas I have gathered over the years in teaching and I want to organize them into an accessible format so I can always have those ideas at my fingertips to share with McGilly.  Swirl that around and out came Wonder hours.  This is a manageable way to slip in playtime with your kids without it becoming overwhelming, a way to have awesome ideas at your fingertips to pull out when the muse strikes.  I am going to share them in the form of recipes, activities with minimal cost, ingredients mostly found around the house, and guaranteed to create wonder and awe.

All you have to do is check back each Monday for new cards you can print and organize into one of those plastic 4X6 recipe cards.  As this is an introduction post I have attached a sticker for the front of your recipe organizer and the first recipe card.  This card is just a teaser because this week is paint week at the winterroses and I am going to have 5 new recipe cards next Monday about painting: mud painting, puff painting, sparkle painting, watercolor fun, finger painting fun and tootsie painting.  So, find a box, print your label, and meet me back here next Monday for all the How to and, I am guessing, some totally cutie pictures of art in action.

{Wonder  Hour Box Label} free printable

{Shaving cream painting} our first wonder card

Have a “wonderful” Monday!!


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